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I am trying to track down info on Seaman James McGown who was killed on HMT Gocland according to a note I found on names put forward for commemeration on my local war memorial. I cannot find any info on this ship or indeed the sinking.. Does anyone know of this incident or maybe point me in the right direction... JIM

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Goeland II;

245 tons,


Admiralty No 1194,

Port Reg LL

Launched 1915

Requisisioned March 1915 converted to Minesweeper

1919 returned to owner.

Regards Charles

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JIM, do not know about accident / incident 1919, but find here award for GOELAND 11 prior service ;

THOMSON George S N/E Lt. RNR 84S098 H.M.A.T. Goeland 11

Vice Admiral Dover Patrol 20.09.18 Gazetted

Minesweeping operations 01.01.18 - 30.06.18 DSC

He has been constantly employed on patrol duties in the Dover area, for the past eighteen months. He has performed his duties at controls with good judgment and tact, and has performed his duties as Divisional Officer entirely to my satisfaction. When on patrol he has also superintended the sweeping of a section of the route in force. He is conscientious, hardworking, very capable and zealous, and his Unit of Trawlers is well trained and in excellent order. In November, 1917, he was commended by Their Lordships' for his promptness and assistance rendered to the shipwrecked crew of the Norwegian S.S. "Rolf 11", who was sunk in collision with the S.S. William Mason, on the 20th October, 1917.

Eight men in all were saved by the H.M.A.T. under the command of Lt. Thomson.

Following on postings by JOSEPH, MARTIN it seems that the Trawler may have moved on from Dover to Scottish Waters so SNO GRANTON etc may have something ADM 1 / ????

Drowned ??? Rough Seas / fell off gang-plank ???

Regards Sadsac

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Thanks very much all, It would appear yet again to be my sloppy work to blame. It does say Gocland on the families sheet but Goeland everywhere else. Apparently James McGown had volunteered to extend his service on Dover minesweepers to assist in the clearing of floating mines. He only had a couple of weeks to go when a mine being shot at by rifle fire exploded. He was killed by a piece of the debris, the only man even scratched on board.. Again thanks all.

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