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from Seaforths to T.R Bn


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One of men am researching James Queen went from the 6th Seaforths # S/24971 to T.R. Bn 1/15400

Have found other men from Seaforths going to T.R. Bn 1/15400-15405 what was a T.R Bn?

Cheers Mike

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Thanks G.F. He died 21/7/1918 buried Marfaux, am i right in thinking the way the MIC has his two numbers, he must have died in T.R Bn? if so , an accident?

Or does the way the numbers appear on the MIC mean nothing, and he probably died while with the Seaforths?

Any ideas Many thanks Mike.

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Hi Mike

C.W.G.C. has him in the Seaforths with that Nos, as you say he died 21/07/1918 so he must have been back with the 51st H.D. and died in the fighting for Marfaux. ?


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