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Help with service record please


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Hello and all the best to everyone,

Recently received service records for my Grandfather John H Soppitt L/11549 and I am struggling to interpret and find information for some entries. What I know so far is:

22.03.15: 160th (Wearside) Brigade, RFA

19.01.16: France then 34th DAC

24.06.16: Albert

01.07.16: Wounded, Becourt Wood

27.07.16: England. 5th Northern Gen Hosp Leicester

However, after recovering from his wounds he does not appear to have rejoined his old unit. The records then have the following entries:

25.10.16: 500th Howitzer Battery, RFA (no information about this unit)

31.12.16: 282nd (London) Brigade, 'D' Battery, RFA (56th (London) Division?)

25.05.17: 5th Brigade, RHA but posted to 402 Battery RFA (confused RHA or RFA?)

16.04.18: Posted to 14th (Army) Brigade. RFA in organisation. (what is the 14th Army Brigade?)

Finally, the last entry is:

11.08.18: apptd A/Cpl 82343?

Would his duties still involve delivering ammunition or could he have changed roles and become involved in the operation of the above batteries? Was this a common occurence? I would much appreciate it if anyone could shed any light on the above records.

Cheers Les.


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The whole line is important, I think. As I read it: 11/8/18 O/C (Officer Commanding) 14 A Bde appointed (him) Acting Corporal vid (Latin = which see) 82343 O'Grady. My guess is that 82343 O'Grady signed the paperwork and it's a cross-reference of some sort.


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I think the key word in that last line is 'vice' meaning 'in place of'. In other words he was promoted to replace 82343 O'Grady.

I've sent you an email about the rest of this.


Mike S

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