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I realize this site is Commonwealth-heavy, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any useful resources for researching American soldiers who served in the AEF. The only thing I've been able to research is draft card information, but that's it. I see you all here have amazing resources for locating soldiers in the British Army, but I've had no luck with things from this side of the Atlantic.

In particular, I'm trying to research my great-great uncle, Henry Cavone. He served during the war but I know nothing about what he did there (except the part about him being legally blind and holding onto the webbing of man in front of him). I suppose that being from Philadelphia, Pa., there must have been only so many units drafted from that area. I do have his draft card information, dated June 5, 1917, here: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3082/3157987727_e7c0191198_b.jpg.

Any help you folks can suggest would be awesome.

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Matt, you might try both the state library and city library using the location information from his draft card. I found a bit of information on my great uncle that way.


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Try the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri.


This will be very slow and you may/may not receive a response. If you do then there may be no records as the center in St Louis was gutted by fire in the 70s so the records situation is similar to that in the UK in terms of small survival rate. There is an application form for records and in my experience they respond best if it is completed by closest surviving relative.

HERE is the link to the relevant information

There are several other routes you can go.

Local counties often published "rolls of honor" (actually they were commercial publications but organized by county) these list not just casualties but those who served and if you are lucky enough he may be included in one.

Alternatively the state/city may have records.

If you look him up on the 1930 census the last column will show his status as a veteran and confirm service.

Was he buried in a veteran's cemetery when he died? if so you can probably track his unit from that, even if it is in a family grave they sometimes note service details.

The Draft Registration card is just that - it shows where he registered for the draft and does not actually confirm that he actually served, just that he registered (in this case in the first wave on June 5th 1917).

Longer shots - as you know the region he was recruited in you could have a look at divisional and regiment histories - many of the US ones have rosters in them and again you could get lucky, These unit histories are often far more detailed regarding individuals than their equivalents in the UK. You could also try contacting local museums (esp Nat. Guard)

PA sent the second highest number of troops of any state (after NY and just ahead of IL) so you do have a lot to look through! - on the up side, because the state was heavily affected the veterans organizations were quite active post -war and the states seem to have done quite a good job of record keeping.

On both sides of the Atlantic it is easier to find out information on a casualty than a survivor.

I'll have a bit of a poke about - I have had some luck in the past.


EDIT: 1930 Census confirms service in WW and provides a few details of his postwar occupation. He also registered for the draft in WWII (at 48)

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HERE is a link to the PA State Archives where some of the Service Medal applications are digitised, a quick search did not turn up Henry's but you might wnat to go through carefully.

HERE is a link to the history of the 28th "Iron" Division PA NAt. Guard - full text on Archive.org

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Hi all. 4th. Gordons: Why not give the thread starter that great 2 part list of AEF related websites that I submitted a few months back (in fall of 2008)?


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Thanks for all the replies! I'll be definitely sorting through this info tonight!

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Hi all. 4th. Gordons: Why not give the thread starter that great 2 part list of AEF related websites that I submitted a few months back (in fall of 2008)?


I Tried but I couldn't find it John!!

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Yeah: after only about 2 months at most the admin at the time took off the posts :angry::blink:

I don't right now have the posts. I know that you downloaded the posts at least that is what you told us at the time (hows that for putting the searchlight right on you eh?):))LOL.


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Yeah: after only about 2 months at most the admin at the time took off the posts :angry::blink:

I don't right now have the posts. I know that you downloaded the posts at least that is what you told us at the time (hows that for putting the searchlight right on you eh?):))LOL.


Well blow me - look at that!

AEF Internet Resources / Websites / Databases….. focusing on State or locally oriented military records

By John Gilinsky, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

State Military Records

• Alabama Military Records

• Alaska Military Records

• Arizona Military Records

• Arkansas Military Records

• California Military Records

• Colorado Military Records

• Connecticut Military Records

• Delaware Military Records

• DC Military Records

• Florida Military Records

• Georgia Military Records

• Guam Military Records

• Hawaii Military Records

• Idaho Military Records

• Illinois Military Records

• Indiana Military Records

• Iowa Military Records

• Kansas Military Records

• Kentucky Military Records

• Louisiana Military Records

• Maine Military Records

• Maryland Military Records

• Massachusetts Military Records

• Michigan Military Records

• Minnesota Military Records

• Mississippi Military Records

• Missouri Military Records

• Montana Military Records

• Nebraska Military Records

• Nevada Military Records

• New Hampshire Military Records

• New Jersey Military Records

• New Mexico Military Records

• New York Military Records

• North Carolina Military Records

• North Dakota Military Records

• Ohio Military Records

• Oklahoma Military Records

• Oregon Military Records

• Pennsylvania Military Records

• Puerto Rico Military Records

• Rhode Island Military Records

• South Carolina Military Records

• South Dakota Military Records

• Tennessee Military Records

• Texas Military Records

• Utah Military Records

• Vermont Military Records

• Virginia Military Records

• Virgin Islands Military Records

• Washington Military Records

• West Virginia Military Records

• Wisconsin Military Records

• Wyoming Military Records


Rhode Island War Memorials

Lists with hyperlinks embedded that specify usually which World War


Browse Original Documents – Index to Naturlaizations of World War I Soldiers, 1918


Index to Naturlaization of World War I Soldiers (Main Page)


California State Militia and National Guard Unit Histories: San Francisco Home Guard

[ Based mainly on the December 22, 1917 issue of the “California Home Guard News.” ]


California and World War I: Roll of Honor Database


Texas Family History, Starr County, World War I Draft Cards 1917 – 1918


UNT Libraries Digital Collections – World War I Posters

[ “The Rare Book & Texana Collections includes among its holdings a collection of over 600 original World War I and World War II posters. The World War I posters include a number of French examples, while the World War II group consists primarily of American home front posters. War bonds, rationing, enlistment, security, and morale are all topics treated by these artworks. The collection includes posters by such famous artists as Normal Rockwell, Theodore Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss), and Boris Artzybasheff.” ]


Search Camp Travis, Texas World War I Records – Ancestry.com


Search Ellis County, Texas World War I Veterans – Ancestry.com


World War I Statistics – Navarro County, Texas [ 1 page of stats and explanation ]


Navarro County TXGenWeb – World War I – Index


Training Camps & Schools, Iowa in the Great War


Stories of Iowa in the Great War


World War I Induction Cards – Florida [ State Archives ]


World War I Induction Cards – Flordia Main Page


North Carolians and the Great War: The Impact of World War I on the Tar Heel State: Topical

[ University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill well thought out topically arranged collections ]


MyHome – [ New England and the Great War ]

A web-based research site dedicated to documenting the social, military and personal history of New England and her response to World War One, at home, on the sea and on the frontline.

For more information, please browse this site, or contact: Anatole Sykley


Historyk Press – World War I

[ detailed alphabetical lists of Polish-Americans who served in the United States Armed Forces during the war extracted from: Maryland War Records Commission “Maryland in the World War: Military and Naval Service Records” 1933 2volumes ]


Maryland Historical Society Library: Maryland World War II Records 1945 – 1965

[Although dealing withWW2 the introduction is excellent in outlining how the state tackled World War I records (same man for both wars directed the state’s official war historical program)]


Newberry Library | World War II Genealogy Resources

An excellent guide to both print and online websites and databases. The title is in error as the page deals only with World War I.


Maryland Online Encyclopedia – World War I and Maryland

An article by Jay A. Graybeal, Westminster, Maryland [ no date but circa 2004 /2005 ]


World War I – Our Brick Walls

[ Genealogically focus with an emphasis on deciphering U.S. draft cards ]


Bibliography of Military Sources – [ Carroll County, Maryland - Historical Society of Carroll County, Maryland – excellent focus on World War I including print, mss and online references ]


Gorrell’s History – AEF Air Service on footnote

[ Full reproduction of Colonel Edgar S. Gorrell’s contemporary collection of source materials for a history of U.S. Army aviation during World War I ]


Home Page [ Camp John Wise - U.S. Army Ballooning ]

History of Camp John Wise and several other camps in the United States focusing on U.S.Army lighter than air ballooning history.


Tennessee State Library and Archives: History and Genealogy Military Tennessee World War I Veterans

[ searchable alphabetically arranged db of Tennessee veterans via alphabetical list of counties ]


[ Tennessee State Library and Archives: Tennessee WWI Veterans Questionnaires – Online index to official questionnaires sent out between 1919 to 1923 with 4,453 responses (out of a possible 100,000 Tennessee men and women who served in World War I) alphabetically searchable via surname of respondent ]


[ Tennesee State Library and Archives Gold Star Records – Online alphabetical index by surname of men and women who died of disease or wounds during WWI from data compiled in the 1920’s ]


[ Colorado State Archives – Military Records WWI Civilian Service Questionnaires (1917 – 1922)

“Following World War I the State of Colorado Historical and Natural History Society through the Governor’s Office compiled surveys concerning the home front services civilians provided during the war. Information found on these questionnaires may include: name; city and county of residence; detail of service of any kind in aid of the war; names of organizations and offices held in aid of war; nature of duties performed; drives participated in; names of others who did notable civilian war work; and date of record.” - Alphabetical list of 285 persons on the Colorado home front ]


[ Colorado State Archives - Military Records Denver,Colorado War Risk Insurance Applicants 1916 – 1919 5,139 applicants alphabetically listed from: -

“Active duty servicemen entering World War I (the European War) were entitled to war service insurance which would entitle them to compensation claims for disabilities or death. About 32 percent of the men who carried war risk insurance named their wives as beneficiaries, 22 percent named their mothers, while "wife and child" were the beneficiaries in 14 percent of the policies. Premiums were deducted from their pay during the achieve period of the war. After the war servicemen were allowed to convert the policies to permanent life insurance policies. Also after the war the federal government paid out claims five times greater than premiums received.

Of the 42,898 soldiers, sailors, and marines from Colorado who participated in World War I, 1091 were killed or died of wounds during the period of the conflict. The Colorado Casualties included 101 from Denver, 54 officers, 53 sailors, and 40 marines. The Colorado casualties are recorded alphabetically by name in the paper The Sons of Colorado Who Made the Sacrifice in World War 1917 - 1918.

Several university campuses were used as training sites for the soldiers. Among these were the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado State University at Ft. Collins, Colorado College in Colorado Springs, and the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The information … was taken from Colorado State Archives book 23780N which covers World War I soldiers from Denver, Colorado, who carried risk insurance. Information includes rank and unit, insurance rate and amount, and benefactor to whom the insurance benefit was to be paid. Often the name of the serviceman's spouse or mother was listed as the benefactor. Many of the servicemen were recruits in basic training. ….” ]


[ The New Mexico Genealogical Society – World War I Deaths New Mexico 1918 compiled by Howard W. Henry and published in the “New Mexico Genealogist” Military Issue December 2003, pages 235 -238. Information taken from the “Albuquerque Morning Journal” December 11, 1918 page ( 1 naming 116 New Mexico men that died during the war. ]


[ DSpace UNM: World War I and the Federal Presence in New Mexico – by David V. Holtby – MS word chapters include Camp Furlong, Hispanic Women, etc… ]


[ Search North Dakota Military Men 1917 – 1918 –

Ancestry.com. North Dakota Military Men, 1917-1918 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2000. Original data: Roster of the Men and Women Who Served in the Army or Naval Service (including the Marine Corps) of the United States of its Allies from the State of North Dakota in the World War, 1917-1918. Vol. I-IV. Bismarck, ND, USA: Bismarck Tribune Co., 1931.

This database is a collection of military records for men who served in the war from North Dakota. Originally compiled in 1931, it provides the names for men who served in the army, navy, and marines. In addition to providing the individual's name, it reveals city of residence, unit of service, birth date or age, and other helpful facts. It also contains the location and date of enlistment and discharge information. The names of over 32,000 men are included in the collection. ]


[Men From Palo Alto Co, Iowa Who Served in the World War 1917-1918]


[ “This file contains the names of 64 men and women who lost their lives while serving in the military during World War I and were from Grand Forks, ND. This list was included in the book, "Grand Forks County North Dakota in the World War", published by The Page Printerie, Inc., collecting of photographs and data and editing of Service Section in charge of Lieut. Clarence L. Hassell (1920).” ]


[ WW I 88th. Division history - Website dedicated to the 88th. Division a National Guard Division raised in North Dakota and other western and mid-western U.S. states ]


[ Kingsbury County, South Dakota in the World War – Kingsbury County, South Dakota in the World War Published 1920 by Buckbe-Mears Company, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA – digital reproduction of this major detailed alphabetical honour roll with photos ]


[ Utah History Encyclopedia – “World War I in Utah” article by Allan Kent Powell ]


[ Utah State History - The Andrew Love Neff Papers, 1919-1923 A Register of the Collection at the

Utah State Historical Society – MSS B41 Finding Aid Professor of history at University of Utah, 1919-1936. Research notes and chapter drafts of history of Utah's involvement in World War I. Later published by Noble Warrum as Utah in the World War in 1924. ]


[ Utah State Archives Online Catalogue Series 6307 World War I Records, 1917 – 1923, 0.8 cubic feet –


[ State Historical Society’s World War I Records, 1917 – 1923 – Excellently detailed list of mainly rosters and correspondence files ]


[ Utah State Archives World War I Draft Board Registers, 1917 – 1918 3 Microfilm Reels ]


[ Utah State Archives World War I Service Records – 11 Microfilm Reels compiled from original federal records - alphabetically arranged by surname ]


[ Utah State Archives Utah National Guard Adjutant-General’s Records, 1895 – 1965, 4.0 cubic feet –

See: Box 1, Folders # 36 April 1917 to # 48 January 1919 ]


[ Utah State Archives – Military Service Cards, ca. 1898 – 1975 - 116 Microfilm Reels - These cards contain basic military service data on Utah residents who served in the armed forces. Most of the cards pertain to World War I and World War II veterans. There are also cards for Spanish American War and Mexican border campaign veterans. Service records for those involved in the Korean War or the Vietnam War are infrequently represented in this series. There are two groups which had been sorted on the basis of card size. The first group was recorded on 6 x 8 inch cards and contains data almost entirely on on World War veterans, but does include some peacetime service following World War II. The second group is on smaller 3 x 5 inch cards and contains mostly cards of World War II veterans, but also those for veterans of other wars.

6 X 8 cards

World War I cards: Most of these cards were furnished to the state by the Adjutant General's Office of the War Department. The cards list name, serial number, race, residence, induction place and date, birthplace and birthdate or age, units served in with dates of assignments and transfers, grades with date of appointment, engagements, wounds or other injuries received in action, dates of overseas service, discharge date, percent disability, and remarks. The Brigadier General, Adjutant and Inspector of the U.S. Marine Corps furnished separate but virtually identical cards.

Red cards were furnished if the individual died while in service. The information is the same, except instead of discharge date and disibility, the form lists cause and date of death and name, relationship, and address of the individual notified of the death. ]


[ Utah State Archives – State Historical Society – World War I Questionnaires, 1914 – 1918 5.6 cubic feet and 25 Microfilm Reels

This series contains military service questionnaires and photographs of Utah's World War I veterans compiled by the Utah State Historical Society shortly after the war. The forms were sent to veterans or their families to complete and return.

The survey was the result of a request by Governor Bamburger to the State Council of Defense that a War History of the State be compiled. By 1920 when the Council had disbanded, the project was continued by the Utah State Historical Society who hired Dr. Andrew L. Neff to write the history. By 1926 the production of an all encompassing work proved overwhelming, and it was learned that the federal government was compiling similar information to be filed with the state adjutant general. Therefore the project was abandoned as infeasible and a duplication of effort.

The form included general information, induction information, oversea service data, promotions, casualties, and remarks. General information gives the veteran's name; home address; camp or oversea address; birth date and place; race; parents' names; occupation before entering service; employer and employer's address; marital status, and if married, wife's name; and the number and names of children. Induction information gives date of induction; method of induction (selective service or volunteer); branch of service; name and number of company and regiment; division; commanding officer; if in the navy, the name of ship; other organizations the individual had belonged to; name of first and later training camps with the time spent in each; and remarks. Oversea Service lists date of transport overseas, place of oversea service, and remarks. The promotions section lists rank at entrance to service; previous military training; promotions with date of each; date of discharge, if applicable; citations for bravery, etc.; and remarks. Casualties lists date and place if killed in action; date, place, and disease if died of illness; date, place, and nature of wounds if wounded in action; date, place, and details if died of accident or other causes; and remarks.

At the end there was a place for the signature of the person completing the questionnaire. This was followed by a note which stated: "Send photograph. Record will be incomplete without photograph. Enclose interesting incidents, clippings, letters, and other material which should be made part of record. Don't neglect this opportunity to have your boy properly represented on the permanent records of Utah." Many of the questionnaires are accompanied by a photograph of the serviceman. A few were also accompanied by letters or newspaper clippings.

This material is present in two forms: 1) Microfilm 2) Boxed copies of original photographs and individually jacketed sections of microfilm. The original papers, except photos, were apparently discarded. The microfilm shows the questionnaire, the photograph, and any accompanying papers. The boxed copy contains the original photograph and individually jacketed portions of the microfilm as they pertain to a single individual. In rare cases, where only the photograph was present (ie. missing jacketed microfilm), it is usually accompanied by a form 724-1 A.G.O. This form is a 4x6 inch note card furnished to the states by the U.S. Adjutant General's Office. These cards similarly summarize the individual's service record

ARRANGEMENT: The entries are alphabetical by veteran's name. Some which were missed during the initial filming were filmed on the last reel. The boxed information is entirely alphabetical. ]


[ Utah State Archives – Military Separation Forms – 7.5 cubic feet of aperture cards –

In the effort to document the military service of Utah residents from settlement of the territory until the present day, the Utah State Archives collected military service records from all branches of the the U.S. military, the selective service system, and from local veterans education and training programs. Occassionally, copies of documents from other sources were added to the series from local government records, newspapers, and published sources.

Most of the records document military service during World War II, but there are also some records from World War I and post World War II. Most frequent are various forms verifying separation from all the branches of military service. There are numerous records of veterans' educational benefits. Occurring less frequently are applications submitted by disabled veterans requesting exemption from paying property taxes and other miscellaneous documents.

Separation Forms

From 1949, several versions of Form DD 214 came into use to verify separation. These forms include the following: Report of Separation from the Armed Forces of the United States; Armed Forces of the United States Report of Transfer or Discharge; and Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. Earlier, a variety of forms were used to document separation from the various branches of military service, including the following: Enlistment Record and Report of Separation-Honorable Discharge; Military Record and Report of Separation-Certificate of Service; Enlistment Record and Report of Separation-Certificate of Service; U.S. Marine Corps Report of Separation; Report of Service in the U.S. Navy; Notice of Separation from U.S. Naval Service; Report of Separation; Statement of Service in World War II; Report of Separation from Active Service; Report of Medical Examination; and Statement of Service. ]


[ WWI – Carbon County, Utah – List of men including casualties copied from Noble Warrum’s “Utah in the World War” 1924 NOTE: A cd-rom of this entire book and other information on all of Utah’s men and women in the World War has been produced ]


[ Michigan in the World War Michigan in the World War: Military and Naval Honors of Michigan Men and Women. Congressional Medal of Honor, Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, Naval Decorations, Foreign Decorations. Contributors: George N. Fuller - editor, Charles H. Landrum - compiler, Michigan Historical Commission - orgname. Publisher: Michigan Historical Commission. Place of Publication: Lansing, MI. Publication Year: 1924. Partial Digital copy(free version – pay version is complete) online of this book of 247 pages ]


[ The WWI Correspondence of Cpl. Clement Grobbel, 339th Inf., 85th Div., US Army Clement Anthony Grobbel (1895-1977), of Warren Township, Michigan, was a member of the US Army "Polar Bears" who fought in World War I against the Bolsheviks in North Russia from September 1918 until June 1919. His correspondence dates from June 1918 to June 1919 ]


[ Delaware Army National Guard in the World War ]


[ Search Kansas 353rd. Infantry Regiment in World War I –

Source Information:

Graden, Debra. Kansas 353rd Infantry Regiment in World War I [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2001. Original data: They're from Kansas (353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th division in World War l. Wichita, KS, USA: Historians Machine Gun Company, 1921. Printed and bound by The Eagle Press.

About Kansas 353rd Infantry Regiment in World War I

"They're From Kansas" (353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Division in World War I)

Capt. Charles F. Dienst,

Historian 353rd Infantry

First Lieut. Clifford Chalmer,

Historian First Battalion

First Lieut. Francis M. Morgan,

Historian Second Battalion

First Lieut. Charles O. Gallenkamp,

Historian Third Battalion

First Lieut. Lloyd H. Benning,

Historian Headquarters Company

First Lieut. Harold F. Brown,

Historian Supply Company

First Lieut. Morton S. Bailey & Second Lieut. William J. Lee,

Historians Machine Gun Company

Wichita, Kansas, Printed & Bound by The Eagle Press, 1921, Copyright The 353rd Infantry Regimental Society.

Even though this is from a history of the 353rd Infantry Regiment, 89th Division, National Army, September 1917 to June 1919 there are more than Kansas residents listed. There are names from Washington State to Virginia to New York and at least one from England. Names marked with a plus sign (+) denote killed in action and if marked with an asterisk (*) were the troops that did not go overseas.

Calendar organized at Camp Funston, Kansas, 5 September 1917. Left Camp Funston, 26 May 1918. Sailed from Hoboken (111 officers, 3401 enlisted men) on 4 June 1918. Reynal Training Area, France, 24 June 24 - 4 August 1918. Occupation Lucey Sector, 5 August - 12 September 1918. St. Mihiel Offensive, 12-16 September. Euvezin Sector, 16 September - 7 October. Reserve Fifth Corps, 9-19 October . Meuse-Argonne Offensive-Bantheville Woods, 19 October - 1 November. Final drive Meuse-Argonne Offensive, 1 November. Barricourt Woods-Tailly and Army Line, 2 November. Stenay, 11 November. Army of Occupation 24 November-6 May 1919. U. S. S. Leviathan (105 officers, 2533 enlisted men) Port of Brest, France, May 14. U. S. A. 22 May 1919. Ancestry.com regrets to inform you that Debra Graden passed away unexpectedly. Photocopies of the original data will no longer be available upon request. We are grateful to Debra for the long hours she contributed to making her databases such useful resources to so many people. ]


[ Search U.S. World War Mother’s Pilgrimage 1930 -

Source Information:

Sewell, Patricia and Cecilia Palin, eds.. U.S. World War I Mothers' Pilgrimage, 1930 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 1999. Original data: List of Mothers and Widows of American Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines Entitled to Make a Pilgrimage to War Cemeteries in Europe. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1930.

About U.S. World War I Mothers' Pilgrimage, 1930

In the late 1920s the War Department of the United States compiled a list of mothers and widows of deceased soldiers killed in World War I and offered to send them to their loved one's final resting place in Europe. This database contains the names those women who were entitled to make the pilgrimage, as shown by department records on 15 November 1929. Each record provides the name of widow or mother, city and state of residence, and relationship to the deceased. Additionally, information regarding the decedent's name, rank, unit, and cemetery is provided. In a few cases the woman's surname and decedent's surname can be different, most likely due to an error in spelling in the original document. Providing information regarding nearly 11,000 mothers and widows, this database can be useful for Ancestry.com patrons seeking World War I veterans.

Two columns indicated whether the woman desired to make the pilgrimage in 1930 or "later." If the individual chose to travel after 1930, it was in 1931, 1932, or 1933. If an "x" appears in either of these columns, the person, although eligible, did not state whether they desired to make the pilgrimage or not. ]


[ Search Missouri State Offices Political and Military Records, 1919 – 1920 -

Source Information:

Graden, Debra, comp.. Missouri State Offices Political and Military Records, 1919 - 1920 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 2001. Original data: John L. Sullivan, Secretary of State. Official Manual of the State of Missouri for the years 1919 - 1920. Missouri, USA: State Publishing Office, 1920.

About Missouri State Offices Political and Military Records, 1919 - 1920

The information in this database was compiled from the book, ""Official Manual of the State of Missouri for the years 1919-1920"" compiled by John L. Sullivan, Secretary of State, (no publisher or publication date is given).This book contains a listing of over 25,000 state and municipal employees of the State of Missouri for the years 1919-1920. The listings include employees of various state institutions and municipal governments down to the city levels. There is also a listing of the Republican and Democratic Committees (mens and women) to include almost 2,600 women in the first year women were allowed to vote. There are also mini biographies of most of the senators, representatives and federal government offices (these are designated by a plus sign [+] next to the first name). The military includes the National Guard officers that served during World War I. Since this book covers a federal census year it is an excellent source in locating information on a person. ]


[ Search U.S. Naval Deaths, W. W. I

Source Information:

McHenry, Kathy. U.S. Naval Deaths, World War I [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc., 1999.

About U.S. Naval Deaths, World War I

Although the United States Navy did not take part in many World War I battles, thousands of American sailors died fighting for their country during the war. This database collects from disparate sources the death records for over 7200 sailors who died between 1917 and 1919. Each record reveals the sailor's name, rank, branch of service, death date, and cause of death. Additionally, the sailor's enlistment address is given along with the nearest living relative. For those seeking ancestors who died in World War I, this can be an extremely illuminating database. ]


[ Corporal Howard Fletcher Davidson Diary, Delaware County, New York – May 20, 1917 – August 13, 1919 – (born: April 16, 1895 – died: August 29, 1987) – Serial # 108034, 81st. Company, 6th. Machine Gun Battalion, 4th. Brigade, Second Division, U.S. Marines ]


[ Fort Saulsbury – Delaware State – 1918 – January 1946 - It is the only known fort to be privately owned in the United States. The fort was purchased, and is still owned, by the Kendzierski family in 1948. ]


[ Defeating the Hun, The History of the U.S. Army Coast Artillery Corps During World War I ]


[ Virgil’s photos – Virgil Brooks, U.S. Navy, ship’s baker, 1st. class, U.S.S. Henry R. Mallory,(Troop Transport both World Wars and sunk in 1943 as an American transport) 1918 – 1919 ]


[ Data on U.S. Army Divisions during World War I, WWI, the Great War… ]


[ World War I, WWI, The Great War – Index ]


[ Gjenvick – Gjonvik Archives World War One (WWI) Historical Documents – various contemporary and manuscript references and reproductions…]


[ Gjenvick – Gjonvik Archives World War One (WWI) Historical Documents – Camp Dix – World War I Cantonment – A.E.F. Training Center, NEW JERSEY ]


[ Gjenvick – Gjonvik Archives World War One (WWI) Historical Documents – Camp Dodge, WWI Cantonment – A.E.F. Training Center - IOWA ]


[Gjenvick – Gjonvik Archives World War One (WWI) Historical Documents – Camp Pike – World War I Cantonment – A.E.F. Training Center – Little Rock, ARKANSAS ]


[ Camp Upton, Long Island, Yaphank, New York state ]


[ Life at Camp Funston, (Fort Riley, Kansas) Reflections of Army Sergeant Charles L. Johnston,

Ambulance Company 239, 10th. Sanitary Train, U.S. Army – series of letters and good additional information on this Camp and what it is like present day with photos ]


[ Maps related to World War I – including Military Map of the United States and Canada circa 1918 –

shows military camps and cantonments in Continental U.S.A. ]


[ National Army Cantonments (World War I) Lists… ]


[ American Memory from the Library of Congress – Search – World War, 1914 – 1918, United States ]


[ American Memory from the Library of Congress – Search – World War, 1914 – 1918 ]


[ Notes Soldiers of the Great War, WWI – Louisiana … ]


[ Duties after War: - reproduces humourous postcards produced by Louis E. Woolf 1919 ]


WWWVETS.COM World War Vets U.S. Primarily veterans from World War I from the state of Indiana Website sponsored by the Indiana War Memorial (IWM)


West Virginia’s World War I Dead or Missing

[ Long alphabetical list of late 1990’s compiled names ]


West Virginia Veterans Memorial Archives Database (searchable)


West Virginia Veterans Memorial Biographies (selections based on family contributions)


[ American Battle Monuments Commission online database of WWI burials (searchable db) ]


World War I Memorials and Monuments – A Waymarking.com Category

[ International in scope ]

[ THIS IS A GREAT SITE including GREAT BRITAIN, etc...! ]

• The Collection of World War I Materials in the States

• Lester J. Cappon

The American Historical Review, Vol. 48, No. 4 (Jul., 1943), pp. 733-745 (article consists of 13 pages) ublished by: American Historical Association

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thanks to Chris for reposting that list, and to John for assembling it. i must have missed the original thread.

I found draft cards in november when Ancestry opened them up to UK members, for two of my Grandmother's brothers who emigrated to California a few years before the war, but had run up against a brick wall when I tried to follow up on one of them, Norman Moore who definitely served in the US army, and who apparently lost his life in France. Now I have a few ideas to follow up.


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You are welcome. I did this to address an imbalance with the AEF getting scant attention frequently.

Glad to help people out with their research.


Britisn North Amerika

(aka Canada)

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Hi all,

I might add the U.S. Militaria Forum as a resource. I was able to get a fair amount of info (including photo intrepretation) from some forum members there about members of my own family who fought with the Allies (as a part of the US Army and Marines) in WWI. The link is:


I am still waiting for someone to confirm whether my grandad's old wooden toolbox was WWI-era grenade box, though, which you can view here:



Good luck!


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Just to add: There are state rosters of men who served for Maine and I think New Hampshire and Vermont in my local library. They are basically reprints of the WW1 service cards. Massachusetts also did a two volume war dead book with bios and many colleges also did "alumni in service" books, the most famous being Harvards' edition.

Oh- I also almost forgot, always search googlebooks. You never know what you might find....like obscure regimental/battalion histories.


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Thought I might start with adding onto an existing thread...

I'm working on a long-term project on American servicemembers, and I am especially interested in tracing the connections that soldiers made between their homes and the front, and the lasting effects those connections had. So far my methodology is based on statistical analyses of large datasets (3 censuses, state-published rosters), but I would very much like to flesh out the study with more qualitative sources.

So far, given the datasets, North Dakota looks like far and away the best option, but I am also considering Maine, Maryland and Ohio.

I wonder if anyone knows of local archives in these places with particularly good collections of WWI-era materials that tell a more personal story: memoirs; letters; diaries; indexed newspaper articles about mobilisation, the war, how families coped, bonus marchers; photographs of armistice parades and Gold Star Mothers... pretty much anything, so long as there is enough of it in one place to justify a research travel grant application.

I wonder if anyone has a lead on other organisations or genealogical societies to contact for leads.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


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If any one is researching the US 28th Division (Pennsylvania National Guard) during World War I have the five-volume The 28th Division in World War I that contains individual photos of most of the soldiers composing the constituent units of the division who went overseas.

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