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Private Butler

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I read this book wanting to research the 1st/17th London Poplar and Stepney Battalion as a result of my paternal Grandfather's uncle.

I found it very useful and was able to pinpoint exactly where my relative died, and the circumstances in Bourlon Wood. Part of me wanted to stop there but I realised that this wouldn't be a respectful thing to do. The trail I embarked upon when researching Private Butler, as in war, ended abruptly in Bourlon Wood.

I'd be very interested to read another battalion history of this kind but I do find elements of this style difficult reading but make no mistake this book is thoroughly researched. It would have benefitted from some extra proof reading.

Well done Ron Wilcox from the East London History Society for a very informative book.

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It took me ages to find a good priced copy of this book as it looked really interesting. finally got it for £7.50 plus postage at www.eastlondonhistory.org.uk after ringing them up.

Received it a while ago and have found it a very detailed account of the poplars regiment with pictures and all. A great book for anyone interested in the 1/17th bn London regiment.

Very lucky to have found it on just the right battalion!

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