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Lt William Ross McLaren MM


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Can anyone find more information on this remarkable man. Turned down as Pte W R Mclaren # 13426 Cameron Highlanders due to varicose veins ( have service record for this part ) then went on to Black Watch then Lt in the DLI won MM.

Where did he win this award and what else can the MIC tell us.

A determined man it seems.

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The MM was Gazetted on 22-1-1917

2718 L./C. W. R. McLaren, R. Highrs.


Other 6th Battalion men also awarded the MM in the same Gazette:

1025 L/Sjt. J. Alexander, R. Highrs.

1288 Cpl. W. R. Anderson, R. Highrs.

3607 Pte. J. Bissett, R. Highrs.

3383 Pte. D. Campbell, R. Highrs.

2907 L/C. J. Campbell, R. Highrs.

2028 Pte. P. J. Don, R. Highrs.

1576 Sjt. W. Duncan, R. Highrs.

1552 Pte. R. Gillanders, E. Highrs.

6172 Pte. J. Hall, R. Highrs.

1486 Drummer. R. Hannan, R. Highrs.

1447 Sjt. R. G. King, R. Highrs.

540 Sjt. A. D. Lindsay, R. Highrs.

3910 Pte. S. Livingstone, R. Highrs.

S/9258 L/C. A. McFarlane, R. Highrs.

1908 Cpl. D. McGilvary, R. Highrs.

2718 L/C. W. R. McLaren, R. Highrs.

6215 Pte. J. Murphy, R. Highrs.

3799 L/C. W. J. Patterson, R. Highrs.

15 Sjt. J. Stewart, R. Highrs.

2508 L/C. H. Stobie, R. Highrs.

1453 Pte. J. Walker, R. Highrs.

The high number of awards through this issue of the Gazette would suggest a major action, whivch would lead me to suggest the battalions involvement at Beaumont Hamel on 13th November 1916 and the following days through to relief on 18th November 1916.

As an officer, he should have a Service Record in WO339 or WO374 (the latter more likely for T.F. men), providing he didn't see further service after the war.

WO 339/21420 McLAREN W, Capt 1914-1919

WO 339/31966 McLAREN W, Lieut 1915-1919

WO 339/87927 McLAREN W [1914-1922]

WO 339/99103 McLAREN W [1914-1922]

WO 374/44905 McLAREN, Lieut W 1908-1919

The pair in bold seem most likely.


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could you give me a clue, what did you type in to get that hit when I did it I got 270 pages of McLarens to pick from. I have spent several hours today trying to navigate that site today and now my head hurts... JIM

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I inputted,

W. R. McLaren

exactly as typed - with fullstops (periods if you are US) and spaces. I don't think the capitals matters but I'm always in the habit of using them!

It also help having a list of 1916 and 1917 MMs...... :)


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Has anyone got a copy of Wauchope's vol 2, am still waiting on a copy, is he mentioned in it?

Cheers Mike

Jaywalker i couldn't find it either,will keep trying.

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Only in Appendix V - Award and Decorations.

That and my list of 1917 MMs cross-referenced is where my list came from.


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Highlight the following:

W. R. McLaren

Paste into the "With exact phrase:" box here:


Click search.

4 hits.

If you use the "Choose historic event" drop down menu to narrow the search to WW1 you get 1 hit.


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Got it now, I was using the wrong box (the all the words box :wub: ). I have found a few I didnt know of by typing in the town as well.. Might be of some use to someone... Thank you.... JIM

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