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DAD Graves Registration


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Hello, I am researching the Egyptian Labour Corps-- which served Allenby during the Palestine and Sinai Campaign. I read that the DAD Graves registration did not record these casualties for dearth of manpower.

What is DAD? When did it function? Did it function in all embattled countries?

What were the ELC duries?

Were they paid volunteers?

All details are appreciated!

Jerusalem- in Jerusalem

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I have only now seen your question. I suspect DAD Graves Registration is "Deputy Assistant Director- Graves Registration". The ELC was a huge organisation - 135,000 at any one time in 1918 - who were employed on 6-month contracts. In terms of pay, initially it was a cash payment at the end of each day's work, but this moved to a weekly payment system as confidence/trust grew (on both sides). Ultimately some 270,000 men served in the ELC.

The structure from a "command" point of view was:

Director of Labour at GHQ

Assitant D of L (Egypt) and ADL Palestine

Dep Assist Directors Egypt and Palestine

Various sub-groups

Tasks included: Railway construction and maintenance, bridge building, road-making & repair, pipe-laying, quarrying, general building, drainage of malarial areas, general loading and unloading of ships, stores, ammunition. Some also worked for the RAF and for salvage of war material. Others were part of the Military Labour Bureaux who essentially restored as much service as possible to towns/villages once the war had moved through. Some ultimately were involved in Graves Registration work - exhumation and re-burial etc.

Over 10,000 served in France, and 8000 in Mesopotamia

In terms of casualties in the ELC, I am afraid I have no information.



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