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In From The Cold - 02.12.08

Terry Denham

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CWGC added the following 'new' WW1 casualties to its Debt of Honour database today – Tuesday 2nd December.


TR/5/64839 31st Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers

Died 31.01.17 Age 38

Commemoration: Brookwood (United Kingdom 1914-1918) Memorial, Surrey, UK

Pte Frank Vangorder HUNTON

18454 11th Bn, Yorkshire Regiment

Died 30.08.17 Age 35

Buried: Sheffield (Abbey Lane) Cemetery, Yorks, UK

Cpl William Blacklock MacBEAN

16028 7th Bn, Border Regiment

Died 18.05.21 Age 30

Buried: Sheffield (Tinsley Park) Cemetery, Yorks, UK

Pte William SHERLOCK

20152 The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)

Died 30.07.20

Buried: Orpington (All Saints) Churchyard Extension, Kent, UK


Pte HOBSON is another case from the In From The Cold Project. He died of bronchitis and asthma in The Hutments Camp, Rowlston, Yorks. (Volunteer: Peter Woodger)

Pte HUNTON and Cpl MacBEAN were put forward on 09.10.08 and 29.09.08 respectively, both on behalf of member, dean1, and he will relate their stories.

Pte SHERLOCK was put forward by member, Geoffrey Gillon. Geoffrey is an infrequent visitor to GWF and spends much of his time researching siblings etc who died in the two world wars and submitting the cross references for inclusion in CWGC’s Debt of Honour database.

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May They Rest In Peace

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Frank Vangorder Hunton came to my attention via the 'Sheffield Indexers' genaeolgy site.

A relative mentioned the fact he had served at some time and 'been invalided out of the Army' and then died in 1917. On checking CWGC found he wasn't there. I found his MIC, and also his papers. He was admitted to 17th Gen. Hosp. Alexandria with Phthisis, and was invalided back to England from Alexandria aboard the 'Dunluce Castle'.

A stumbling block was finding where frank was buried, as the family didn't know. He was eventually traced by a friend of mine, (Christine steers), through Sheffield Archives to Abbey Lane Cemy in Sheffield. Sarah, Franks living relative, then visited the Cemy and took the headstone photo that appears in my first post about Frank.

One thing cheered me about Frank, that he had his wife by his side when he died, unlike the thousands that didn't.

William B. MacBean,

I have tramped through about 99% of all Sheffields burial grounds photographing Great War Inscriptions. William was one such headstone i came across. His inscription stated that he had died of wounds received in action and subsequent illness.

His DC states he was gassed in 1915 on active service. Taking the advice of Terry i also got his marriage cert to check his 'Rank' of 'Profession'. He is listed as a Soldier in June 1916 when he married Alethea Fretwell.

I have about 1,500 headstone inscription photographs that i have not checked against CWGC yet, so there might be a few more!


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I note the interesting method(s) you are using to find these non-coms. It's an interesting subject and one worthy of further discussion perhaps on another thread? I have been thinking of raising a thread to discuss ways to find Non-Coms. One of my recent thoughts was to search Mental Asylum Burial grounds. I have some other ideas too...

The idea of searching local authority burial registers is one I haven't come accross before as it was my understanding that most registers are closed to the general public and in any case don't often give enough detail to recognise potential non-coms?

The photographs you are searching through - are they pics of headstones in the local cemeteries showing what appears to be casualty details? It's not something I have ever considered but perhaps it's a worthwhile thing to do in a large city or conurbation like Sheffield?

Of course there is no point identifying and discussing these methods if the take up isn't there. At the moment there are still very few of us actively looking for these forgotten casualties on an on-going basis. In fact it's true to say that the vast majority of people don't even realise that these cases exist! Most shockingly many former serviceman would deny the problem even exists by arguing that the military authorities would never have allowed this kind of thing to happen.

I wanted to congratulate you on a superb job. :D Keep up the good work.

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I did a presentation for my local branch of the Royal Naval Association - they were shocked at the level of the problem & the problems that we are having with NHB - at least I managed to get someone on our side


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Hi Neil,

i never set out to try and find non-coms, i just came across them, i have however followed the non-com posts from day one of joining the forum.

I cant speak for other areas of the country but here in Sheffield most if not all headstone inscriptions are on micro fische at Sheffield Archives. i have actually had a fische reader and all the fische 'slides' for Burngreave cemy in my own home to search for inscriptions re Great War, and the inscriptions appear in full. This was courtesy of the Friends of Burngreave Cemy, i'm sure there must be other 'Friends' groups around the country.

Here in Sheffield in the 50's and early 80's whole swathes of 'unsafe' headstones were removed to create 'Lawn Cemetery's', so the fisches are probably the only trace left of the inscriptions.

Yes i have actually taken photos of most of the headstone inscriptions in Sheffields burial grounds. I do still have a few small cemy's to cover and a couple of re-visits to do. All the inscription's i have typed out and can be found on the 'Sheffield History' website. The photos will be on the 'Yorkshire Indexers' website shortly.

Mental Asylums, the main one in Sheffield was turned into the Wharncliffe War Hosp. for the duration. There was a 20'x 6' Roll of Honour of all the patients that died there. I have managed to track it down but its out of bounds for the next 18 months due to damage suffered in last years Sheffield floods. But when i do get to it, it also might be a source of non-coms.

I was also thinking if anyone had checked the Star & Garter, Richmond, for non-coms? I got one of mine from there, and someone put up a post with all the casualties on here, might be worth a check?



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Interesting.... Just did a Dogpile Search and came up with this man on John Morecombe's (Peace be Upon Him) excellent website - http://www.cwgc.co.uk/Errors.htm

R/5481 AB. Alfred WALKER. RNVR. Howe Bn., attached 2nd Royal Marine Bn., R.N.Div. Died at 8:30am 17/7/18 in Wharncliffe War Hospital, Sheffield of Intestinal Haemorrage and heart failure. (Attached 2/RM Bn. 11/2/18. To 149th Field Ambulance 3/3/18 - Piles; invalided to the UK 12/3/18). No mention of attachment to 2nd Royal Marine Bn. Also incorrectly recorded as IR/5481. Birmingham (Yardley) Cemetery, Warwickshire, United Kingdom.

I shall get in touch with J.M and ask him if he has any further cases with a Wharncliffe connection. John will be interested in this thread too I imagine...

This chap got the honour of an official CWGC commemoration. I wonder if any were missed?

CWGC link - http://www.cwgc.org/search/cemetery_detail...6549&mode=1

Goes to prove how one thing leads to another.

I'm very interested in that Roll of Honour for Wharncliffe War Hospital, as you probably know I have a interest in service Great War mental cases. Where exactly is the roll now kept?

Found this on a forum -

My G.G. Grandfather went into South Yorkshire Asylum (Middlewood) in 1873 and died there in 1895. Unfortunately there are no records left, I went to Sheffield Archives about two years ago and they say they only have the admissions book left, which you can look at, It told me his name, date of entry, problem, what caused it, name of Doctor and how long he had been like it. In his case it said he had melancholia due to poverty, and spent 22 years there. dreadful......... I have been trying to find his grave for 4 years and have no luck.

While I was tracing the records I found out that like most personal records, they cannot be opening for 100 years, and then you have to prove you are the descendant.

And these -

Have you tried www.sheff-indexers.thewholeshebang.org

I found my gt grandmothers burial records on there. Go to burial records, you only need to enter the name and search. My gt grandmother died in the same asylum and I found she was buried in St Michaels cemetery, Rivelin.

I am a bit confused about the relationship between Middlewood, Wadsley and Wharnecliffe hospitals. My mum was a sister at Wharnecliffe on night duty for the entire wartime period of 1940 to 1945. The hospital she worked in was a military hospital and had been in both World Wars - so is this facility still being used or is it also abandoned.

Middlewood Hospital (MH), and Wadsley Asylum (WA) were the same place (a bit like the Northern General Hopsital was called the "City General" hospital pre 1964.) just the different names that were given to them over the years.

The MH and WA were mental health, the Wharncliffe Hospital (WH) was just behind MH, and was a medical hospital.


Found a pic of soldiers recovering here - http://www.scran.ac.uk/database/record.php...0-000-680-589-C



War Hospitals in Britain

* 1st Eastern General Hospital, Cambridge

* 2nd Eastern General Hospital, Brighton

* 1st London General Hospital, Camberwell

* 2nd London General Hospital, Chelsea

* 3rd London General Hospital, Wandsworth

* 4th London General Hospital, Denmark Hill

* 5th London General Hospital, St Thomas's

* 1st Northern General Hospital, Newcastle

* 2nd Northern General Hospital, Leeds (Beckett's Park Hospital)

* 3rd Northern General Hospital, Sheffield

* 4th Northern General Hospital, Lincoln

* 5th Northern General Hospital, Leicester

* 1st Scottish General Hospital, Aberdeen

* 2nd Scottish General Hospital, Edinburgh

* 3rd Scottish General Hospital, Glasgow

* 4th Scottish General Hospital, Stobhill

* 1st Southern General Hospital, Birmingham

* 2nd Southern General Hospital, Bristol

* 3rd Southern General Hospital, Oxford

* 4th Southern General Hospital, Plymouth

* 5th Southern General Hospital, Portsmouth

* 2/1st Southern General Hospital, Birmingham

* 1st Western General Hospital, Fazakerly

* 2nd Western General Hospital, Manchester

* 3rd Western General Hospital, Cardiff

* 4th Canadian General Hospital, Park Prewett, Hampshire

* Abram Peel Hospital Bradford

* Addington Park War Hospital, Croydon

* Alder Hey Hospital Orthopedic Hospital

* Aldershot Special Military Surgical Section, Cambridge Hospital

* Alnwick Military Convalescent Hospital

* Ashurst War Hospital, Littlemore, Oxford

* Bangour Special Military Surgical Section, Edinburgh War Hospital

* Barnwell, Cambridge

* Beaufort War Hospital, Fishponds, Bristol

* Belfast War Hospital

* Brighton Grove Hospital, Newcastle

* 1st Birmingham War Hospital

* 2nd Birmingham War Hospital

* Birtles, Chelford

* Blandford Camp Hospital

* Bulford Military Hospital (1st Australian Dermatological Hospital.)

* Catterick Camp Hospital

* Cannock Chase Camp Hospital

* Castle Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

* Central Hospital, Lichfield Barracks

* Charterhouse Military Hospital, London

* Cherryhinton

* Chiseldon Military Hospital

* Clipstone Camp Hospital

* Codford Camp Hospital

* Connaught Hospital, Aldershot

* Craiglockhart War Hospital Edinburgh

* Cromarty Camp Hospital

* Devonport

* Duke of Connaught's Auxiliary Hospital, Ireland

* Dunblane War Hospital Perthshire

* Dykebar War Hospital, Paisley

* East of Scotland Limbless Hospital, Musselburgh

* Edinburgh War Hospital

* Edmonton Special Military Surgical Hospital

* Ewell (County of London) War Hospital

* Fargo Camp Hospital

* Fovant Camp Hospital

* Gateshead War Hospital, Stannington

* Glen Lomond War Hospital, Fife

* Grantham Camp Hospital

* Graylingwell War Hospital, Chichester

* Hampstead Military Hospital

* Haxely Down Camp Hospital, Winchester

* Hemel Hempsted (Gadebridge)

* Hilsea Military Hospital

* Holywood Military Convalescent Hospital, Belfast

* Horton (County of London) War Hospital

* Hospital for Limbless Sailors and Soldiers, Erskine House, Glasgow

* Killingbeck Military Hospital

* Kinmel Park Camp Hospital

* The King Edward VII Hospital, Cardiff

* King's Lancashire Military Convalescent Hospital

* King's Military Convalescent Hospital, Blackpool

* Lancaster House Auxiliary Hospital, Manchester

* Leeds War Hospital

* London University College Hospital

* Lord Derby War Hospital. Warrington

* Magdalen Camp Hospital

* Manor (County of London) War Hospital, Epson

* Maudsley Neurological Hospital, Denmark Hill

* Military Hospital, Portobello, Dublin

* Military Hospital, Whittingham, Preston

* Murthly War Hospital, Perth

* Napsbury War Hsopital, St Albans

* Nell Lane Military Hospital, West Didsbury

* Royal Victoria Military Hospital, Netley Southampton

* New Bridge St, Manchester

* Norfolk War Hospital

* Northamptonshire War Hospital

* Northumberland War Hospital, Gosforth

* Notts County War Hospital, Radcliffe-on-Trent

* Oulton Hall Hospital

* Orchard Hospital Military Convalescent Hospital, Dartford

* Oswestry Camp Hospital

* Paddington Military Hospital

* Prees Heath Camp Hospital

* Prince of Wales Hospital for Limbless Sailors and Soldiers, Cardiff

* Princess Patricia Hospital, Bray, Wicklow

* Queen Mary's Convalescent Hospital, Roehampton

* Queen Mary's Military Hospital, Whalley

* Red Cross Military Hospital, Moss Side, Liverpool

* Richmond War Hospital, Dublin

* Ripon Camp Hospital

* Robroyston War Hospital

* Rochester Row Military Hospital

* Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Great Portland St

* Rubery Hill

* Seale Haye Neurological Hospital Newton Abbot

* Shaffords Camp Hospital

* Shepherds Bush Military Orthopaedic Hospital

* Silkstone Camp Hospital, near Barnsley

* Sobroan Barracks Military Hospital, Colchester

* Spike Island

* Springfield War Hospital, Wandsworth

* Summerdown Camp Military Convalescent Hospital, Easbourne

* Sutton Veny Camp Hospital

* Swanage Camp Hospital

* Thetford Camp Hospital

* Tooting Grove

* Toxteth Park Military Hospital

* Ulster Volunteer Force Hospital, Belfast

* Warlingham

* Wareham Camp Hospital

* The Welsh Metropolitan War Hospital, Cardiff

* Wharncliffe War Hospital

* Whittingham Military Hospital, Preston

* Woodcote Park Military Convalescent Hospital

* Wool (Bovington) Camp Hospital

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Neil, the Roll of Honour for Wharncliffe is held by Weston Park Museum's off site store here in Sheffield. When Kelham Island Museum got flooded last year they put a lot of their stuff on top/against, of the Roll for Wharncliffe! So it cant be got at just yet. I'll keep you posted when i get to it.

There is a load of stuff in Sheffield Local Studies Library for Wharncliffe, but i've not had chance to rummage yet.

The sheff-indexers site you mention is where i came across Frank Vangorder Hunton.

Wharncliffe today is all but gone, covered by executive housing!


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John has just told me no other connections in his work with this hospital. The master himself has got a huge new list of potential non-coms he's found in his latest RM research...

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There are some great efforts here, well done. Can you explain why Sherlock has been placed on the register? He was discharged with sickness in March 1916 without ever going overseas.


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Oh how I long to be a Brigadier General (1,800?) :lol:

What about Colonel? :o You missed that one out altogether...

I just noticed. It must be a brevet promotion for bravery in the face of CWGC and Canterbury CC

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TR/5/64839 31st Bn, Northumberland Fusiliers

Died 31.01.17 Age 38

Commemoration: Brookwood (United Kingdom 1914-1918) Memorial, Surrey, UK

Grave Found Newsome St John Churchyard Yorks

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HOBSON, TOM Rank: Private Service No: TR/5/64839 Date of Death: 31/01/1917 Age: 38 Regiment/Service: Northumberland Fusiliers 31st Bn. Grave Reference C. 81. Cemetery NEWSOME (ST. JOHN) CHURCHYARD Additional Information:

Son of Joe Hobson, of 10 Scartop, Lockwood, Huddersfield.

Commemoration moved from UK BOR

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On 02/12/2008 at 17:07, Terry Denham said:

Cpl William Blacklock MacBEAN

16028 7th Bn, Border Regiment

Died 18.05.21 Age 30

Buried: Sheffield (Tinsley Park) Cemetery, Yorks, UK

Headstone for William Blacklock MacBean:



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