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!st Btn KSLI

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Hello All & especially Annette,

I am looking for the names and details of any 2 Members of the 1st Btn KSLI who went to France in Aug1914. Gfather's papers are "burnt" and am hoping to follow the tracks the 2 members as they went where my Gfather went up to the Somme when he was wounded. Gfather, William R Carter #10327, joined the KSLI in 1913.

Will try and find these fellows thru Ancestry before they restrict the site at the end of the month.



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6th Shropshires

Hi Chris

The following are all 1st Battalion men who land in September 1914, who's papers are on line. But you will find that their papers will not help you track William's movements. I am working on a book about the 1st and 2nd Battalions but am a long way off finishing it. I'll try and do you a breif account of movement and battles but I am so busy at moment downing guess what :rolleyes:

7451 Pte. Burgess, Charles,

7589 Pte. Hindley, Thomas,

7635 Sgt. Harrison, Joseph,

7639 Sgt. Drury, Henry,

7896 Pte. Evans, Walter,

10218 A/L/Cpl. Caine, Frederick Albert Thomas,

7233 Pte. Braidley, Richard,

7037 Pte. Bowers, James,

7526 Pte. Boyle, John,

10239 L/Cpl. Badham, Harold Roland,

10263 A/C.S.M. Good, John,

10034 A/Sgt. Green, Reginald Harry,

9150 Cpl. Good, Alfred George,

8254 Pte. Davies, Aaron,

7204 Pte. Hassall, Frank,

7219 Pte. Cross, Arthur,

8147 Pte. Hawkins, Edward,

7127 Pte. Higgins, Patrick,

7156 Pte. Mansell, William,

7605 Cpl. Parker, William,

7236 A/Cpl. Welch, John,

7424 Pte. Westbury, George William,

7055 L/Cpl. Roberts, Charles,

8314 Pte. Haycox, James,

7796 Pte. Dudley, William,

7801 Pte. Barber, Frederick,

10167 Pte. Clarke, Frank William,

4075 Pte. Ashcroft, Andrew,

10100 Pte. Brooks, Frank,

7290 Pte. Bingham, William Frederick,

10130 Pte. Davies, George,

10014 Sgt. Carter, William Hartwell,

9969 Pte. Davies, Jack,

7510 Pte. Dale, James,

7135 Pte. Davies, Ernest,

8024 L/Cpl. Elson, William,

7724 Pte. Johnson, Archie,

7243 Pte. Walker, Samuel,

7239 L/Cpl. Walters, Leonard,

8735 Pte. Walters, Joseph,

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Wood's published history of the KSLI does a reasonable job of describing the battalion's movements. Naval & Military have reprinted it recently.

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I would be very grateful if you have any information on my grandfather Private FRED HARDMAN 7278, 1st Bn., King's Shropshire Light Infantrywho died age 31 on 09 August 1915 at Hooge.


Euan Hardman<br style="mso-special-character:line-break"><br style="mso-special-character:line-break">

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6th Shropshires


I do not have a lot but from other mens papers near Fred Hardman number I can place him enlisted around mid April 1903 (at Lancaster). It is very likely he was in Army Reserve at the out break of war and mobilised on 5th August. He landed in France with the 1st Battalion on 10th Sept. 1914. The Battalion fort in closeing stages of the Battle of The Aisne near Vailly (22nd Sept. to 12th Oct.). It moved north on 12th Oct., and took part in heavy fighting at Le Quesne farm near Armentieres (21st to 25th Oct.). It remained in Armentieres sector until 30th May 1915, when it started to move to Ypres.

I am guessing you have C.W.G.C. info. and that he was born at Bury.


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Hello. Just want to add a slight correction to the list of 1st Btln KSLI. 10100 Pte Brooks, Frank. Should be Brookes. He was my paternal grandfather. He was wounded in the jaw and returned to action later. He died when I was 14 in 1965. I have a photo of him as a bugler but can find no reference to this in his record. Surely this would have been worth noting by the regiment? Any help or advice would be welcome. Thanks.

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