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Need help understanding Medal Card


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Hello, this is my first post.

I'm trying to get more detail about the lives of two relatives who died in WW1. The Medal Index Card for 2nd Lt Charles Edmund Kirk (incorrect middle name on Card) of the 6th Bedfordshire Regt. is attached to this email (reduced size & quality to adhere to upload limit, original at http://content.ancestry.co.uk/iexec/?htx=V...amp;pid=2577364)

Using the advice from this site I understand the most basic information but wonder if anyone out there can interpret the rest ;

- Pencil/dark pen writing above original regiment 7th Dragoon Guards.

- "On RFROLL/CC/14581page 1"

- The several separate references to WS/1/10295

I have located his partially damaged service records but no Pesion Records that I can find.

An help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Patrick Jess


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Pencil writing = WO Cl 2 = Warrant Officer Class 2 {e.g. Company Sergeant Major, Company Quartmaster Sergeant - or in this case Squadron Quartermaster Sergeant}

RFROLL ref: Officers normally appear on their own separate medal roll ledger book. Officers commissioned from the ranks also normally have an entry in the Rank & File medal roll ledger books of their original regiment (R&F Roll).

WS/1/10295 is a correspondence reference. These are pretty much dead-ends these days. There appears to have been some shuttling back and forwards of his medals to get the right information on them.

As an officer, he should have had a physical officers file at the National Archives. These are not online. Possibles are:

WO 339/109768 KIRK C [1914-1922]

WO 339/114200 KIRK C [1914-1922]


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