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Unit numbers on record sheet


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I am new to this forum and would like some help deciphering the unit numbers on my grandads record.

My grandad was a B S M in the RFA and some of the postings are listed as D/66 which I take to be D battery in the 66th regt RFA. Is this correct. I would also like to know where this unit was in early December 1915. My grandad, Charles Harry Bates, had re-enlisted at the age of 41 years in 1914 after serving in the Boer war. His number on his second elisting was 88867. If anyone can help with this I would be grateful

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It could have been 66 (LXVI) Brigade RFA,which is shown in the Long Long Trail,at top left of this page,as being allocated to 13 Division.

There are two War Dairies for this Bde.WO95/4301 (Gallipoli Jun 1915 to Jan 1916),and WO95/5151 (Mesopotamia Feb 1916 to Feb 1919).


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Thanks for the information Sotonmate

This would tie in with what my dad told me

On one of my grandads papers that shows service at home and abroad the entries in the top box are

Home 24/8/14 to 16/6/15

British Mediteranean 17/6/15 to 8/6/16

Home 9/6/16 to 25/4/18

My dad told me that grandad was wounded (blast wound) whilst serving in Gallipolli and that he returned to army service but didn't go abroad again.

In the large box under the above is a rubber stamp that reads

EXPEDITIONARY FORCE..................1915-1916

In the dotted section is written Mediteranean which has been crossed out and above it is written Mesopotamia

In the Medals Decorations section of the same sheet it looks like the word EUROPEAN ??????? and the year which looks like 1915 but the middle two digits are faded.

All of this is very confusing to a new researcher like me

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