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212nd Anti-Aircraft Section


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Hi, I am researching the service history of Gunner Robert Holness (130361) who was serving with the 212nd Anti-Aircraft Section when he was Wd (gas) on a date I cannot make out.

Can anybody shed any light on this unit and its location? as far as I can make out from his service record he served with this unit from 16/6/18 till repatriation through a "clearing office" on the 30/11/18.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Roy,

Unless I have read it wrongly, he was actually serving with the 76th Siege Battery when he was first listed on a casualty list as gassed on the 14 July 1917, after joining that battery on the 10 May 1917. It may be because of this that he was returned to base and then sent to the 212nd AA Sect., but again went sick on the 29 November 1918 with Bronchitis. It certainly didn't help his health as his discharge was due to Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

The War Diary for July 1917 may be worth reading, and can be found at the Nat. Archives under the following reference, http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/catalog...;accessmethod=0 .


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Thanks a lot Kevin for getting back so quickly. The copy of the documents that my friend gave me were very unclear and I had some difficulty making them out.

What you have said makes sense now that you say it and clears up my confusion. I will have a read of the war diary and hopefully complete the story.

Thanks again


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