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Military Medal - William Torrie Douglas - Royal Engineers

Ewan Douglas

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I'm new to this forum, I think I'm in the right place!

I'm searching for details of a MM award to my great grand-father from 1918. Have sourced the medal card, award card, date of gazette. I now know his service record doesn't exist.

I've just emailed details to the RE museum to ask them to look at war diaries. I'll have a trawl through local newspaper archives. Ancedotally an officer recieved a DSO during the same action, do you think this will help with details?

Any suggestions/advice would be greatly received. Any idea what D.S company stands for?

Rank:Spr Wm Douglas

DOB: 5.12.1882

Reg #:414777

Company:34th D.S Coy RE

Date of Gazette; 29.8.1918

I can see from MM award card that the theatre was France, but that pretty much all i've got.

All the best


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Welcome to the Forum

I wouldn'twant to mislead you with what DS stands for in this case. Someone may come along and enlighten us. Meanwhile if you hitthe Long Long Trail botton top left of this page you can have a root around the RE section there for some ideas.

Re The MM. Not many actual citations are to be found in the gazette. Should you know the Officers name then it is likely that his citation will be there. Worth seraching his name in the Gazette.


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Divisional Signal Company - the Royal Engineer signallers of 34th Division.

First stop is probably the unit war diary:

WO Records created or inherited by the War Office, Armed Forces, Judge Advocate General, and related bodies

Division within WO Records of the Armed Forces from commands, headquarters, regiments and corps

WO 95 War Office: First World War and Army of Occupation War Diaries


Subsubseries within WO 95 34 DIVISION

WO 95/2450 34 Division

Record Summary

Scope and content Divisional Signal Company

Covering dates 1916 Jan. - 1919 July

Availability Open Document, Open Description, Normal Closure before FOI Act: 30 years

Held by The National Archives, Kew


These are physical documents at the National Archives, and may mention the award of an M.M. , or at least the D.S.O.

The event of the M.M. award would probably date to March/April/May 1918-ish.


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Incidentally, his number suggests that he had previously been in the 2nd Lowland Field Company of 52nd (Lowland) Division, who served first in Egypt and Palestine, and then in France (though he may have been in a Reserve unit of the Lowland Royal Engineers in the UK).



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