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Capt. L R Elliott.


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My Father left us a memoir of his WW1 travels in E. Africa and the Western Front, but I would like to access his records, if they exist. He also served 39-45, and it was during this period,I suspect, he had a bracelet engraved:

Capt. L R Elliott.

P/103013 R. A. C. of E.

Would his service no. have stayed the same if this is indeed a WW2 bracelet.

He did not leave too many details for our[his second] family,and we were denied most facts about his first one. War gave an unprecedented independence to chaps like my dad, and he certainly took full advantage.

Any help would be really appreciated. His Christian names were Lewis Richard. D of B. 14/5/1893.

Cheers. Phil.

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It would appear from the London Gazette that Lewis Richard Elliott (103013) didn't obtain a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Army until 2nd September 1939 (LG#34853, 21 May 1940).


Lewis Richard ELLIOTT (103013) to be 2nd Lt. 2nd Sept. 1939. (Substituted for the notifn. in the Gazette (Supplement) dated

6th Oct. 1939, under "T.A. Res. of Off., Special List".)

This would suggest to me that any Great War service was as an "Other Ranker", any service numbers he had in 1939 would have been completely different to those in the Great War so it's quite possible that the one that Llew has posted (especially as this man has Artillery experience) could well be the one.

I suspect that any records (Great War or otherwise) will still be held by the MOD and should be available to you on request (and payment).



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I am so grateful for the answers you have both provided. You have got him.

He never goes into any rank detail in the memoir,but left his job as a gamekeeper on the Fallapit estate,East allington,thence to Padstow ,and on 6th. August 1914 joined up at a training centre at Staddon Heights near Plymouth. He trained as a signaller.

He left the R. A. in March 1921, and with your information its clear he became a 2nd.Lt. on 2/9/39, and I believe he served until 1947. Looks like he missed the total of both wars by two days!

After WW1 he had a rugby union history with Cornwall,and St.Ives and ran the Tinners Arms,Zennor, and The Cornish Arms, Carbis Bay, but those stories are not for this forum!

Once again, thank you for such a swift response. Pints are on me!


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