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Does anyone know whether 38670 Pte. Walter Wood, 7th Hussars and later Serjeant Walter Wood, 7th Hussars was awarded the DCM? On his MIC it does not say so. If so, please find out the citation. Thankyou.

I cannot also find reason for his sudden promotion from Pte to Sjt unless he was awarded.

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He's not listed in Walker's Recipients of the Distinguished Conduct Medal, 1914-1920 as far as I can see. Certainly not under 7th Hussars, anyway.

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My relative's MIC has an asterisked note to say he was awarded DCM, and the National Archives (www.nationalarchives.gov.uk) Documentsonline also has a copy of his DCM index card, which shows the date it was in the London Gazette (LG). From memory the LG entry doesn't have any details in the citation. My relative won his DCM during an action where his officer won the VC, so I only know what happened via the unit diary and VC info.

I did a search on Documentsonline and what I guess is your relative's MIC is shown 'Pte. Walter Wood 38670'. I suggest downloading that for a start (only £2.00) & seeing what that says.

I reckon the most likely cause of promotion in the trenches would be due to those above him being put out of action, rather than due to him winning a gallantry award.

edit: just surfed and noted that LG is searchable online now. Your relative's details don't give any entries up til 31/12/1920.

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DCMs nearly always have a citation. It is sometimes just not easy to find!

If you let us know his name Surreyinexile, we can have another look....


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On his MIC it does not say so.

Campaign medal MICs do not always record gallantry medals. If he did win the DCM there is usually another MIC in WO 372/23.

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