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10th Battalion Gloucesters

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My Grandfather (Leslie Smith) served as a Captain in the 10th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment. I am aware that the Battallion was disbanded in February 1918. I believe that survivors of the 10th Battalion transferred to 1st and 8th Battalions and 13th Entrenching Battalion.

I think - although I am not 100% sure - that Leslie Smith may have transferred to the 8th Battalion. He was subsequently injured at Beaumont Hamel on April 6th 1918. Despite checks I have not been able to locate any service record for Leslie Smith at the NRA.

I am trying to find out which Battalion Leslie Smith was serving in when he was injured and whether there is a War Diary covering the engagement.

I imagine thyat because of the heavy fighting there could have been a lot of amalgamations of Battalions at that particular time.

Can anyone help with any clues as to which War Diary I should inspect to get some details of the engagement that resulted in my Grandfather suffering an injury? Also can anyone give details of where soldiers of the 10th Battalion served from March 1918 to the end of hostilities?

Many thanks.


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