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Bottomley Herbert Greece 1918

Guest herbertcolne

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Guest herbertcolne

Herbert Bottomley (21234) Kings Liverpool Reg

and then (79783) The Welsh Regiment

My great Uncle was killed at a Battle at Doiran in Greece at the time he was in the Welsh Regiment

his WW1 British army records show that he enlisted in 1914 age 24 he then sometime during 1916/17

he was transfered into the Welsh Regiment and given a new No was this the usuall at that time and

can any body explain why

Also anything about the soldiers of the Welsh Regiment that took place in that battle

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Welcome to the Forum, jbott,

Your Great Uncle Herbert was actually transferred from 14th King's Liverpool to 11th Welsh (both in 22nd Division, XII Corps) on 16 September 1918, just two days before the attack in which he died. (It says so in his service papers on Ancestry!)

The reason he was transferred is that he had been in and out of hospital with malaria from 3 May to 28 August, and in the meantime 14/King's had shipped out back to France (end of June). He was compulsorily transferred "in consequence of his unit having left this Force".

The same thing happened to the man with the 11/Welsh number immediately after Herbert's: 79784 Pte Frederick Broyden. He too was "compulsorily & permanently transferred & posted" to 11/Welsh on 16/9/18 from the Infantry Base Depot on release from hospital after being wounded in the leg (he was originally 12665 in the 12th Lancashire Fusiliers, who returned to France in July). Pte Broyden was also killed on the 18th.

And lying next-but-one to Herbert in Doiran Cemetery is another who joined 11/Welsh on 16/9/18. He was 79791 Pte William Ashton, formerly 36981 in 13th Manchesters. His battalion had also returned to France at the end of June while he was in hospital recovering from scabies and malaria.

I expect they all went to 11/Welsh in order to bolster their numbers for the coming attack.

In the battle on the 18 September, 67th Brigade (11/Welsh, 11/RWF and 7/SWB) went over the top at 5am together with 66th Brigade and the Greek Serres Division. Their opponents were the 17th Regiment of the Bulgarian 9th (Pleven) Division.

After gaining their initial objective, 11/Welsh advanced further but were raked by machine-gun and mortar fire and were driven back by a counter-attack.

When they came out of the line the next day only 1 officer and 40 men were unwounded out of the 15 officers and 409 men who went over the top.

Herbert Bottomley's grave in Doiran Cemetery:


I can send you some maps and scans if you PM me with your email address.


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