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New Information boards at Australian memorials


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During my whirlwind tour of the Somme (and believe me it was a whirlwind on the ferry coming back :wacko: ) this weekend (8/9-11-08). I attended the Rededication of the Australian Corps memorial at Le Hamel and also done the rounds again of nearby Australian memorials . I was pleasantly surprised to see that since my visit in April that the Australian Govt ( I suppose ) has erected Information panels at the sight of some of its memorials . I cannot confirm if this is the case with all , just the ones I photographed. Can anybody else confirm the others ? I was also sort of disappointed and a bit jealous really. A strange set of emotions. Why ? It seems that the world is turning into a sound bit /video clip/3 second information sort of place (and I know I have agreed with this on other threads) I spent years in Australia devouring Bean , battalion histories , tracing routes on maps and learning all was I interested in about the AIF and all this before I had set one foot in France. When I finally made it in 1987 and stood at places like the Fourth division memorial . I knew why I was there , I knew what had happened there. Nowadays it seems you just turn up and there it is . A "soundbite" in front of you . So ...... I do welcome these boards But I hope it encourages people to go home and put in more research and not just say"Oh yeah" thats great ,move on "MO"


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