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Remembered Today:

Sezanne Communal Cemetery, Haute Marne


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Yep (2005):


Found it with a Michelin map then, these days I would use Bruce's POI cemeteries in my Tomtom.

It was visited on a trip to or from the Chemin des Dames so we probably stayed at Reims (72 km). As for battlefields Chateau Thierry and the Battles of the Marne are the ones most close by.

As this map shows it is a bit away from any other major (>40 burials) CWGC cemeteries:

http://www.xs4all.nl/~aur/layout/frames.htm?geo/43.htm (#2130).

The rest on the map are <40 burials.



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Hi Marco and thanks for your prompt and informative reply.

Do you know any details of a company that visits the area ?

Anyone with knowledge of a tour company that visits the area east of Paris, south of Reims ?

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Hello Roger,

Sorry, I have never used a commercial tour myself. The problem might be that this cemetery is not near anything most tours will be visiting but perhaps they are willing to make a (substancial) detour. I know we had to drive several km out of our way to visit this one.

I would do-it-yourself with car navigation. The mentioned POI can be downloaded in this topic:




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