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Albatros D.V crash question!

Guest Pegasus39

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Guest Pegasus39

Hello everyone,

this picture show's a crashed Albatros D.V fighter, place and date unknow.

Also i can't trace the unit where he belong to.

Via Google i searched the serialnumber on his tail, with the result, that the plane was shot down by a canadian airmen, in the vincinity of zeebrugge.

this is a big gues, because i don't know iff it refers to this airplane.

Second pic, is a detail of the cockpit earea, and on the wheel is the prove that this is a Albatros D.V, althoug, there is another serialnumber on the wheel, indicating that this wheel was taken from another airplane.

These two pic's are part of a collection of glass negatives.

Other intresting pic's are Fokker DR.I of jasta 14 based at Phalempin aerodrome, a huge bomber, Pfalz D.VIII in frontline service of Jasta 14, the funeral of Lt. Emmerich Honig who crashed in his Fokker DR.I, and many more.



Anyone who know more about this particulair unit, please help is much appriciated.

Thank's allot



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