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1914 Star navy look up please


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Hi All

Is there anyone who has access to data for 1914 Star to Navy personal who could kindly advise whether SS 111547 A.E. Bartlett STO 1 R.N was eligible for the medal please - I have him as being on HMS Flying Fish for the relevant dates

many thanks for your help


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Unless a member of the RND he would have been entitled only to the 1914~15 Star,The 1914 Star was granted for Land operations; F&F;only in honour of the BEF @ that time.His Service Record {NA} may well give Medal entitlement:~

Link To NA Records Of Service:PO: A.E. Bartlett SS~111547 RN

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His Service Record will not give a campaign medal entitlement, that's only given on the medal roll. This is on microfilm at Kew in ADM 171/95 Royal Navy: Ratings surnames Bak-Be. If he was serving aboard a ship in 1914 then he got the 1914-15 Star trio.

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Far be it for me to disagree with "per ardua...." but I have seen & have RN Service Record sheets that DO list 1914~18 Campaign Medal & LSGC/RFR LSM entitlement in the appropriate section... :unsure:

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