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Trying to find where Granddad fought


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Am quite new to military history and trying to understand where regiments/battalions and brigades were.

My Granddad; Pvt Charles W Goodchild S/9042 was in the Royal Fusiliers

This is the information I have found from his service record

Enlisted 30/04/1912 (5th Bn)

Mobilised 08/08/1914

Posted 20/11/1914 (4th Bn)

" 30/09/1915

Discharged 10/06/1916 (No longer fit for war service)

I haved tried looking on The Long, Long Trail for details on where the Battalions were but am confused is this the City of London Regiment or The London Regiment?

It also says this was part of 9th Brigade, 3rd Division...this is where I get confused, I'm not sure where they went, I can see the history of the 3rd Division but cannot understand where the 9th Brigade was.

In short I just want to know where he fought

Many thanks for anyone who can help

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fully understand your frustration.

Best advice is to go from the known to the unknown. We know he was with the Royal Fusiliers and was a pre war regular- you have his dates of embarkation which fits with the 3rd Division. Each division, contained amongst other things, brigades of soldiers from different regiments in Battalion strength. 4th RF was part of 9 brigade/3rd Division.

The regiment itself had a number of battalions, regulars usually making up 1st or 2nd and later battalions being territorials (reserve). The RF did not have territorial battalions but certain battalions of The London Regiment were associated with it. The remaining battalions were volunteers or conscripts for WW1.

Your grandfather's medal card shows that he was injured and his service number was prefixed with an 'S' (SR) which I think means 'Special Reserve' -might this correspond with the posting date of Sept 1915 on injury?

In any case the battle history you should focus on is between these dates


The Battle of Mons and the subsequent retreat, including the the Rearguard action of Solesmes

The Battle of Le Cateau

The Battle of the Marne

The Battle of the Aisne including participation in the Actions on the Aisne heights

The Battles of La Bassee and Messines 1914

First Battle of Ypres


Winter Operations 1914-15

The First Attack on Bellewaarde

The Actions of Hooge

The Second Attack on Bellewaarde (in support of the opening attack in the Battle of Loos) (1914-1918.net)

The site is having an overhaul at the moment and some of the links are temporarily unavailable.

Try this link for each battle

http://1914-1918.net/wf.htm (scroll down )

but I would think the Bellewaarde attack is a good candidate for the end of your grandfather's war.



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