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Help with Medal Card


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Hi Everyone

A photo album has been passed on to me and I am trying to find out who they.

The album is in a secret fort record book army book no 360? (a biggish book held together with cloth bindings)

Amongst the photos I have ones showing

printed on the front 24th battery RFA

46TH RFA, 115th Battery RFA, 137 Battery RFA.

Royal Field Artillery Sports Seaforth,

a photo of 4th London General Hospital

RFA Piershill Barracks(Edinburgh I think)

North Gun Park?

A wedding photo with Underwood 6th Heavy Battery Malta written on the back

Asmall newspaper cutting stating a Major H Underwood won a horse race

Plus some postcards from Ceylon (which come into play when looking at the medal card I have found)

This is the card for a H Underwood(cannot find first name?)

never seen a medal card with this much info and not sure what it all means


Steve B

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Hi Steve B

Think it may relate to Henry Underwood, Born 1873, Chertsey, Surrey. You'll find him on 1901 census at Ewshott Barracks, a Driver, single, 28 yrs, with 147th Battery RFA I'll have another look at him later today.

Regards Barry

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Hi Steve B

24th Brigade RFA Rank BSM (Brigade Sergeant Major??)service no 19914, may have married @ Chertsey, Surrey in 1904 - Elizabeth Jane White ??


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Hello The inspector

Thanks for the quick reply.

Definatly married photos with wife two kids and his parents, may have a brother as there is photos of another thinner chap in army uniform (also RFA)

How did you find him on the census?

That service number 19914 is on the medal card says he was Sergent Major also Lt Captain.

Was surprized I could not find him on the officers service records or pension records?


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That mustbe the most information I've seen on a MIC.


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Hi Steve

I found him on 1901 census by just typing in H Underwood. It then threw up a long list and I scrolled down looking for "Soldier" it didn't come up BUT when I came to H Underwood 27yrs, "Cheltenham,Gloucestershire" I viewed it and saw the Ewshott Barracks address RA. I had to scroll through the 20 pages to find him and it states Henry Underwood, 28 yrs Chertsey, Surrey!!!! Don't know why it is different to typing in Henry Underwood and then scrolling comes up correct. I then "Googled" Henry Underwood RFA and it mentions Major Henry Underwood. Presto!! But there are a few Henry Underwood soldiers with different dates of birth. I got the number off the MIC as you hadn't mentioned it, same for the rank.

Regards Barry

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