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Remembered Today:

Did my Gt Grandad have the right medals?


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I am currently researching my Great Grandads military history, and in particular where he fought in WW1. He survived the war but unfortunatly none of my family who are still living know anything. I have tried looking on ancestry.co.uk but haven't found much.

Can anyone who knows there way around these sites better than me help find information.

I have inherited his medals and all details I know about him are as follows:-

Name : Frederick William Taylor

Born : 27th November 1880, Clerkenwell London

Enlisted : Year 1898 in 18th Hussars

Continued in the service and on the reserve until his discharge in 1919

Medals : Queens South Africa (Boer War)

Kings South Africa (Boer War)

1914 Star with clasp

British War Medal

Victory Medal

Although on all the medals the name is Pte W.Taylor and the number 4987, on the 1914 Star the Number is 47126.

I have found the MIC for this Name and number (pic below), can somebody tell me what all these number etc mean?

Is the date of entry therein the date he was sent to France?

What does C of Hussars mean

Is this the correct MIC for my Gt Grandfather? Do I have the right medals?

Where would I find his service records and any other info on him?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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Hi Andrew,

yep, it's the right MIC but only relates to the Great War medal entitlement of which he also had a clasp and roses to add to his 14 Star. The date is when he embarked from the UK and C of Hussars would be Corps of Hussars, have a read here on the mother site,


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Welcome to the forum,

The medal rolls for the Boer War medals are on microfilm at kew, these include:

WO 100/118 QUEEN'S SOUTH AFRICA Cavalry 16 and 17 Lancers, 18 Hussars

WO 100/305 KING'S SOUTH AFRICA Cavalry 14 and 15 Hussars, 16 and 17 Lancers, 18 - 20 Hussars, 21 Lancers

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What a supreb group.

Not all service papers are on Ancestry yet. I've just found some new ones today, so keep checking.

Any chance of you posting a photo of them and/or the recipient?


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