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3rd Scottish General Hospital, Glasgow


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I'm currently researching my granddad's cousin, Norman Vincent Moore, who served in the Manchester regiment during the Great War.

Norman was injured during the war and was sent to the 3rd Scottish General Hospital in Glasgow.

Can anyone tell me anything else about this hospital? I'd be really interested to know if the hospital still exists and where was/is it? If it still exists what is its current name? Was it a specialist hospital of any kind? Anything really.

Thanks for reading. Kirsty :)

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Unless I'm mis-reading the info on the undernoted link, the 3rd AND 4th Scottish General Hospital was Stobhill on Glasgow's north side.


Stobhill Hospital is still alive but will be run down next year when a new hospital opens close-by.

Hope this helps.


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Hi David,

Thanks for your post and the information about Stobhill. The link you posted is really helpful - very much appreciated.

Best Wishes, Kirsty :)

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