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On Which Ships Did My Cousin Serve


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As per an earlier thread, my cousin Robert Gill Scotson was on HMS Ocean when she went down. Below is an extract of his Service Record. I can make out some, but not all, of the ships he was on and would welcome help in identifying the rest. BTW, he died in November 1915 having been hospitalised in Soton with dyssentry.



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Hmm, I still can't make out a couple, but here goes:

Pembroke II, Tenedos, Dominion, Pembroke II, Charybdis, Astraea, Alacrity, Pembroke II, Albion, Goliath, Ocean, (Can't read it), Osiris?, Haslar, Osiris.

I'm sure someone can read better than I can (having to squint like Hell to read some of them properly.)


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It might be Fauvette which was an armed boarding steamer from 19/3/15 to 9/3/16 when she was mined in the North Sea.


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Thanks David. It can't be anything else. I just googled it and Fauvette was in the Med at this time. I guess she took on survivors after Ocean was sunk by a mine.

Cheers Rich

ps Mods...apologies for getting the question in to two threads.

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I think Osiris was originally an Armed Merchant Cruiser that became a depot ship in April 1915 in the Med.

I have a WW1 scroll to a stoker who was listed as being aboard her at the time of his death on 25th April 1915, but he was actually on a small trawler during the Gallipoli landings.



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