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Uniform Identification

Stephen Nulty

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Can anybody identify this chap's uniform. It's the only picture I have and is lo-res. I don't have a name at the moment.

Grateful for any pointers


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I have seen older members of Garrison Battalions wearing the brown leather belt with General Service buckle, but if you could possibly home in on and resize the cap badge perhaps we could get a unit. Also is there a photographers mark on the reverse side?

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Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately, I only have the electronic copy of the picture so can't see if there was any writing on the other side.

And it's only 50kb in size so pixelates horribly if I try to enlarge at all.

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Grumpy could possibly be right on that, so my peepers must be on the wane. As said earlier his pose is very much like those photographs that I have which appear to be members of Garrison Battalions and nearly all show the same belt and it's odd that these photo's I have(mostly groups) seem to show soldiers of a certain mature age. A photographers mark would help you out as well.

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Thanks, Chaps. Comments appreciated.

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