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I live in Portugal, and have just returned from a very rare visit to the PRO. However, in my rush to find everything I wanted, I forgot to look up one specific piece of information, and was wondering if some kind soul could help me out.

I'm looking into the war service of my grandfather, Pte. William Richmond Muncie, 2 Royal Scots, service number 59283. Whilst at the PRO I searched unsuccessfully for his records in WO363 and WO364, including all the mis-sorts. As it wasn't there, I moved on to other things. Rather stupidly, I clean forgot to have a look at the medal rolls. I know he was in hospital some time in 1918, but have no idea when he went to France and when he was hospitalised, or what for. Could anyone have a quick look for me to see if those details are in the medal rolls?? I would be eternally grateful! MAny thanks in advance if anyone does.

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