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Hello Forum, I am currently looking for further information on the following 2 chaps.

I would appreciate anything from SDGW, MICs, attestation papers, Ancestry and war diary information regarding them and their units (Feb - April 1918).

Any help is much appreciated.

Private Christopher Hedley Dobson 49806 2nd Bn Lincolnshire Regiment

KIA aged 18 on 17/04/1918

Enlisted Richmond

Born Barnard Castle


Son of Mr. R. H. and M. A. Dobson, of Barningham, Darlington.

Private Matthew Stoker 30716 1st Bn Lincolnshire Regiment

Enlisted Gateshead

Born Barnard Castle

KIA (age unknown) on 29/03/1918

Regards. Jarvis.

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Hi Jarvis, all I could find for you.

no other service records..

hope this helps.


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Hi Jarvis - this might give you a possible age for Matthew Stoker. I always think of Barnard Castle as Co Durham but noticed on SDGW (neither entry gives any more info than you already have BTW) that his birthplace is shown as Barnard Castle - Yorkshire.

Barnard Castle was in the registration district of Teesdale at that time and the only likely birth seems to be

Births Dec 1896

Stoker Matthew Atkinson Teesdale 10a 276

In the 1901 census he is shown as being born in Startforth Yorkshire - but a quick look at the map shows this is only just outside BC

The family were living at 146 Dunsmuir Gardens?? Gateshead - father was also Matthew A a 32 year old telegraphist, mother was Anne 34 and the 4 year old Matthew A had a 3 year old brother Robert G

Hope this helps you fill out the facts a little more



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My thanks to you both, Susan & Sue for the replies and information.

Another starting point began....MICs are nice to have and a good pointer as to Pte Stokers age is also helpful.

Still time for any Lincs experts to add to this.

Much appreciated.

Regards. Jarvis.

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I came accross the BWM/VM Roll for Dobson and it shows that he served only with the 2nd Bn. Linc. R.

If you let me have your email, I will try to get a copy off to you.


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I came accross the BWM/VM Roll for Dobson and it shows that he served only with the 2nd Bn. Linc. R.

If you let me have your email, I will try to get a copy off to you.


Also found Stoker on the same set of Rolls, he only served with the 1st Bn, Linc. R.

............ and likewise for the copy.


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Dobson/Stoker/Sims should have arrived in your email.

Check it out for me and if there is a failure I'll do it again or post you some excellent copies.


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A bit late - as usua for me - here's the diary for the 2nd Battalion for those months:

"1st – 2nd February 1918


Battn in Divisional Rest Area.

Musketry. Training etc

3rd – 4th February 1918


Battn moves to join the 21st Division. Route K15 d 5.8 to GOOEWRERSVELDE by march Route, from GODEWAERSYELDE to PERONNE by Train. The Battn retrained at 12.30 pm 3 2/18 and detrained at 4 am 4–2–18. From PERONNE the Battn marched to billets at HAUT ALLAINES to form part of 62nd Infy Brigade to which the 1st Bn of the Regt already belonged.

5th – 6th February 1918


Reorganisation and Training. The Battn was addressed by the Divisional General at 12.15 pm on the 6-2-18.

7th February 1918


Battn marches from HAUT ALLAINES to GURLU WOOD Sheet 68c D 22. for work on GREEN LINE. Army Defence Zone, relieving the 9th Bn K.O.Y.L.I.

8th – 17th February 1918


Work on GREEN LINE, Digging Wiring etc, and training of specialists.

ENEMY aircraft bombed the vicinity of the CAMP on the night 17-18 2/18, killing one man.

18th February 1918


Battn moves to MOISLAINS and takes over DON CAMP. From 6th Bn Leicester Regt.

19th – 27th February 1918


The Army Commander visits Coys at training.

Coy training, Attack practice, Musketry etc.

On the 21-2-18 Lt-Col NMS Irwin DSO. MC. ESSEX REGT. Relinquishes command on Battn and Lt E.P. Lloyd takes over Command.

28th February 1918


Battn moves to HEUDICOURT and takes over the duties of Battn in Brigade Support, relieving the 16th Bn Sherwood Foresters. Route March to D 20. C Sheet 69.c. then hence by light Railway to HEUDICOURT. Bn. H.Q. and 2 Companies (ADC) in huts in HEUDICOURT, 2 companies (BOD) in Railway Embankment 2000 yards further east.

EP Lloyd Lieut Colonel

Comdg 2nd Lincolnshire Regt

1st March 1918



Battn in Brigade Support. Bn Hd qrs ‘A’ & ‘C’ Coys. in HEUDICOURT. ‘B’ and D. Coys. At Railway Embankment W.23.b.30.05.

2nd – 5th March 1918


WORK Digging and Wiring of the YELLOW LINE.

6th – 9th March 1918


Bn HEADQRS DUG-OUT at W18.0.9.5

Battn relieves 12/13 Bn Northumberland Fus in left sub-sector front line trenches. Disposition A & C Coys front line. ‘A’ left sector CHAPEL TRENCH and FIVES TRENCH. ‘C’ Right sector RACKET TRENCH. SKITTLE ALLEY and BIRCHWOOD LOOP. B & D Coys in support.

10th March 1918


Bn HEADQRS DUG-OUT at W18.0.9.5

Inter-Coy relief. ‘D’ Coy relieving ‘A’ Coy in left sector. ‘B’ Coy relieving ‘C’ Coy in Right sector. ‘A’ & ‘C’ Coys becoming right and left support Coys respectively.

11th –14th March 1918


Bn HEADQRS DUG-OUT at W18.0.9.5

No change.

15th March 1918


Bn HEADQRS DUG-OUT at W18.0.9.5

Inter. Coy relief, ‘A’ Coy relieving ‘D’ Coy. ‘C’ Coy relieving ‘B’ Coy.

16th – 17th March 1918


Bn HEADQRS DUG-OUT at W18.0.9.5

No change.

18th March 1918


Battn is relieved by 1st Bn Lincolnshire Regt. And moves back to Brigade support at HEUDICOURT. ‘C’ coy moves to Counter Attack Coys position in Ry Embankment at W23.b.30.05. On the night of 18/19 3/18 a party of 2 Officers and 60 other ranks belonging to ‘C’ Coy carried out a successful raid on the ENEMY trenches. Officers in Command 2nd Lt F.C. Harper. R. Warwicks. Regt. (attchd). Operation Orders, Narrative etc, Attacked [berets].

19th March 1918


Battn in Brigade support.

20th March 1918


Work under T Coy R.E. Inspections and Training.

21st March 1918


Battn receives order MAN BATTLE POSITIONS. “C” Coy comes under orders of O.C. left sector front line (O.C. 1st Bn Lincolnshire Rgt). A, B & D Coys marched independently to their allotted positions in YELLOW LINE. Battn Head Qrs marched to Ry Cutting at W23.a.8.1. This operation was rendered excessively difficult owing to a thick fog and heavy ENEMY Gas shelling. Coys established themselves in their positions soon after 7 am, though stragglers continued to report until 10am.

Disposition ‘C’ Coy with 1st Bn Lincolnshire Regt & Coys in YELLOW LINE with left coy resting on Railway at W.23. central and the Right Coy at approx W.18. central. Bn Head qrs at Ry Cutting at W.23.a.8.1. These positions were maintained all day against repeated attacks by the ENEMY.

About 12 Noon a party of the ENEMY succeeded in getting round to the left flank under cover of a sunken road at W18.c.9.3. This party was engaged by Bn Head qrs and Gun Team of the Machine Gun Bn. A number were killed and the remainder (about 50) surrendered.

22nd March 1918


No change until 12 Noon when orders were received to retire on HEUDICOURT. At this hour the ENEMY had penetrated the line at EPEHY and were threatening the line of retirement. A and D Coys. losing heavily in getting clear.

Battn reformed in HEUDICOURT and awaited further orders. About 5pm masses of the ENEMY were closing in on HEUDICOURT from two sides, and orders were received to retire on GREEN LINE at GURLU WOOD. Battn fought a rear-guard action with the ENEMY until night-fall, when action was broken off. The Battn then marched to its allotted position in the GREEN LINE and became Battn in Bde support.

23rd March 1918


After quiet night ENEMY renewed attack about 8am. Battn received orders to retire on AZICOURT-LE-HAUT about 9.30am. During this retirement the C.O. Lt Col. E.P. Lloyd was wounded and the command of the Battn was taken over by Major E.E.F. BAKER. M.C.

A line of trenches running parallel to the NURLU-PERONNE ROAD were manned by the Battn, with left flank resting on road near junction of NURLU-MOISLAINES ROADS. The 1st Bn Lincolnshire Regt continuing the line to the left.

This position was maintained until 12 Noon, when it became untenable through the ENEMY turning the flanks. The retirement was continued. The Battn falling back HAUT-ALLAINES in extended order, where it was halted and re-organised. Practically the whole of the retirement was carried out under hostile chell and M.G. fire.

A new line was taken up on the high ground to N.W. of HAUT-ALLAINES but this was not maintained for very long, and the Battn moved back to a line approximately mid-way between CLERY and BOIS-MARRIERES. The ENEMY pressure by this time had slackened and after further re-organising the Battn took up a defensive position for the night. By this time the Battn had dwindled to 6 officers and about 70 other ranks.

24th March 1918


The night passed without events but soon after dawn masses of the ENEMY advanced to the attack. These were held up by our fire for some time, but our right flank became increasingly dangerous and prevent envelopment the line had to be withdrawn. By this time the ENEMY had got well round the right flank and was bringing fire to bear from our right rear. From this time onwards the fighting consisted of a series of delaying actions, the line of retirement being in the direction of HEM which was reached about 11am. Casualties had been severe and only 4 officers and 19 O Ranks (including 5 stragglers from other units) remained. This party was then detailed to carry ammunition for two Battns of the 35th Division holding the high ground astride the HEM-CLERY road.

About 4pm all units of the 21st Division were withdrawn and ordered to march back to MARICOURT and from thence to SUZANNE where the night was passed.

25th March 1918


Battn marched to BRAY. A number of Officers NCOs & Men rejoined Battn at this place. This party comprised officers and other ranks from leave, schools of Instruction, also a number that had become separated from Battn during the retirement. A composite Coy of 5 Officers and 200 other ranks was formed under Lt G.R. Holliday and marched to join a composite Battn found by 62nd Infy Bde, under the command of Lt Col Houlett 12/13 N. Fus. This Party rejoined the Battn on 30 3/18.

Battn H. Qrs and remainder of Battn marched at 10pm en route to CHIPILLY, where the night was spent.

26th March 1918


All ranks with exception of Head Qrs Staff formed into platoon and left to form part of composite Coy found by 62nd Infy Bde. Battn Hd Qrs marched to BRESLE.

27th March 1918


All ranks remaining with Battn form part of composite Coy, formed from details 62nd Infy Bde under the command of Major Chance (Attached 1st Bn Lincolnshire Rgt). This Coy marched to BAZIEUX and took up a defensive position, where it remained until 8pm. At this hour it was relieved by the 3rd Australian Division, after which it marched to BEAUCOURT. A party of all ranks from the composite Battn rejoined Bn Head Qrs at the place.

28th March 1918


Reorganisation and rest.

29th March 1918


Battn marches to BONNAY to form part of Brigade in support of 10th Australian Infy Bde.

30th March 1918


Battn marches to POULAINVILLE. The remainder of the composite coy under Lt G.R. Holliday rejoins the Battn at this place.

31st March 1918


Battn embosses at 3.15pm and proceeds to HANGEST. where the night is passed in Billets.

List of Casualties From 21.3.18 to 2.4.18


2/Lt F.L. Osborne Died of Wounds 21.3.18

Capt S. Wilson Wounded 23.3.18

Capt Rev M. Tron D.S.O. M.C. Wounded (Still at Duty)


2/Lt A.R. Hill (Royal Warwick

Regt attached 2nd Lincs) Wounded 22.3.18

2/Lt W.F. Hyde (Royal Warwick

Regt attached 2nd Lincs) Wounded 21.3.18

2/Lt G. Molyneux (Royal Warwick

Regt attached 2nd Lincs) Wounded 23.3.18

2/Lt V.G.B. Watkins (Royal Warwick

Regt attached 2nd Lincs) Wounded 21.3.18

2/Lt H.T. Richardson (Royal Warwick

Regt attached 2nd Lincs) Wounded 21.3.18

2/Lt L. Caldicott (Royal Warwick

Regt attached 2nd Lincs) Wounded 24.3.18

2/Lt A.E. Watson (Royal Warwick

Regt attached 2nd Lincs) Wounded 26.3.18

Capt J.M. Lockie (12/13th N. Fus

Attd 2nd Lincs) Wounded & Missing 22.3.18

2/Lt C.F. Willcox (Royal Warwick

Regt attached 2nd Lincs) Missing 22.3.18

2/Lt F.G. Cole (Royal Warwick

Regt attached 2nd Lincs) Missing 21.3.18

2/Lt B. Nightingale (Royal Warwick

Regt attached 2nd Lincs) Missing 21.3.18

2/Lt R.H. Stafford (Royal Warwick

Regt attached 2nd Lincs) Missing 22.3.18

Lt Col E.P. Lloyd Wounded 23.3.18

Lt & Qr Mr W. Collins (Royal Warwick

Regt attached 2nd Lincs) Wounded 26.3.18

Other Ranks.

Killed 31

Wounded 95

Wounded & Missing 9

Missing 238

Total 373


R *******

Lt Col

Commdg 2nd Bn Lincolnshire Regiment.

1st April 1918

Ref Map Sheet 28. Belgium & France


Battalion entrains at HANGEST STATION en route to PESELHOEK.

2nd April 1918


Battn detrains at PESELHOEK and proceeds by Motor Lorry to KEMMEL.

3rd April 1918


Battn resting and re-organising.

4th April 1918


The Battn relieves the 8th Battn 2nd Australian Bde in front line trenches near WYTSCHAETE. Battn Head Qrs at PRINCE RUPERT’S DUGOUT (D.20.b.2.3.Sheet 28). Disposition ‘A’ Coy front line ‘B’ support ‘C’ 1st Reserve ‘D’ 2nd Reserve.

5th – 6th April 1918


No change.

7th April 1918


The Battn is relieved by 9th Bn R.W. Fus and marches to KEMMEL SHELTERS (Approx N.20.c.3.3).

8th – 9th April 1918


Cleaning up, refitting and reorganisation. Lt Col R ******* D.S.O. takes over command of the Battn from Major E.E.F. Baker M.C. 9/4-18.

10th April 1918


Battn moves by Light Railway to FORESTERS CAMP (H.30.a.6.6).

About 9pm. The Bn received orders to march to PARRET FARM (N.16.b.9.5). On arrival, the Battn was ordered to occupy a gap in the line in front of WYTSCHAETE (A detailed account of the operation is attached here to).

11th April 1918


In front line trenches near WYTSCHAETE. Battn Head Qrs N.19.d.1.9.

12th – 14th April 1918

(see attached manuscript)

15th April 1918

Battn is relieved by 12/13 Bn N. Fus. And marches to camp at ROSSIGNOL WOOD N22.a.5.2.

16th April 1918

5 am.

Battn moves to a position near LAGACHE FARM N28.d.1.1. At 7.30pm the Battn carried out a counter-attack on the PEKHAM – MAEDELSTEDE Line (see attached manuscript).

17th April 1918

In Front Line. Battn is relieved by No 2. Composite Battn 39th Div and marches to SEIGE FARM N16.c.2.8.

18th April 1918



19th April 1918


Battn marches to SCOTTISH CAMP C23.b.0.5. near OUDERDOM.

20th –24th April 1918


Reorganisation, Coy Training, Specialist Training etc.

25th April 1918


Battn marches to a position in reserve near DICKEBUSCH. Battn Head Qrs at H.26.c.0.5.

26th – 28th April 1918


No change.

29th April 1918


Battn moves up to support position in relief of a Composite Battalion (Attd 21st Div). Disposition Battn in line from RIDGE WOOD to SCOTTISH WOOD. Battn Head Qrs. H28.d.4.5.

30th April 1918


Battn is relieved by 2nd Bn York Regt and marches to Billets at (approx.) G14.b. central.

For Casualties during period 1st to 30th April 1918 see attached List.

R ******* Lieut. Col

Commanding 2nd Bn Lincolnshire Regt.

List of Casualties


2/Lieut G. Shaw Killed in Action 12.4.18.

2/Lieut R.R. Wilcockson Wounded in Action 11.4.18.

Capt R.B. Pritchard M.C. (14th North Fus

att 2nd Lincs Regt) Wounded 16.4.18.

2/Lt L.W. Pacy (3rd Royal Warwick Regt

att 2nd Lincoln Regt) Wounded in Action 25.4.18.

2/Lt H.V. Joyce (3rd Royal Warwick Regt

att 2nd Lincoln Regt) Wounded in Action 27.4.18.

2/Lt E.V. Leach (3rd Royal Warwick Regt

att 2nd Lincoln Regt) Wounded (Gassed) 29.4.18.

2/Lt G.W. Hodge (3rd Royal Warwick Regt

att 2nd Lincoln Regt) Missing 27.4.18.

Other Ranks.

Killed 22

Wounded 210

(Wounded Gassed) 9

Missing 52

Total 293."


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Excellent Dave, a mine of information there, off to work right now so have to catch up with its contents later tonight (unless I can sneak a peek at the office).

Many thanks for your efforts.

Regards. Jarvis.

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