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Remembered Today:

Cadet Henry Scott Crawford PEDDIE, RAF

n cherry

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This might only make sense if you look at this on 1/11/08.....

I note today's casualty Henry is buried in Memphis (Fairview) Cemetery TX USA.....on the cwgc website he appears to be the only casualty there and also his wife came from Memphis......so the question is what was he doing there that caused his death? Flight Training like in WW2? Natutal causes on leave?

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There are quite a number of RFC/RAF men buried in cemeteries in the US, in isolated burials (Fort Worth, the location of an RFC training base, containing 11 being one of the notable exceptions) A large number of these burials are either Americans who joined up with the RAF or Brits/Canadians who were living in the US and whose bodies had, apparently, been repatriated to their home towns for burial. As I understand it, the RFC base at Fort Worth was established to allow the training of Canadian RFC men when the winter weather in Canada was too severe to allow training (and flying in general!) to continue there. Additionally experienced RFC pilots (and those of the other allied nations) also helped to train American aviators of its fledgling air force as part of a reciprocal arrangement for the use of their facilities by the RFC when America joined the war. The New York Times certainly carries quite a number of reports on accidents to RFC cadets & fliers at Fort Worth with comments about the high level of accidents; whether the accident rate was actually any worse than for UK based trainees would be interesting to know. His death being November '18, it may well be that the disease that Peddie succumbed to was Spanish Flu.


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US draft Card says he enlisted 5th June 1917

Born 1st Nov 1890 Edinburgh

He was a truck driver with an Oil Co in Santa Maria, Calif

Home Address given as 1802, Harvard Street, Houston, Texas

His death is registered in York County, Toronto, Ontario

He died at the Base Hospital

He had double pneumonia for 25 days and died of heart failure


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