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12th Bn East Surreys


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Welcome to the Forum. I presume that you are looking for information on the 12th Battalion of the East Surrey Regiment judging from your first post in an East Surrey thread. This has appeared in a new thread and other members will not see the connection with the East Surreys either in the title or the text; I am not sure if you can edit the title of this thread. and you may be better with a repost. Not my area however but best of luck with the search


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The 12th East Surreys lost four Privates on the 5.4.1917,they are occupying Graves AA37 to AA40 at Dickebush,so it seems to have been something like a shell burst. How do you know your subject was a Cook ? Could they all have been Cooks ? Could it have been a direct hit on the Field Kitchen ? The War Diary at Kew might have an answer,it is WO95/2634.

For interest,and, maybe with a name such as yours you might live nearby the cemetery,the others are: 6836 Hammond AA38:12187 Lewington AA39,and 25585 Seagrief AA40.


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Spot on with the assumption that it was a single shell that killed them. Aston and Duggan: ""The enemy shelled our reserve line and P & O Trench heavily late at night, killinng 4 of our cooks and wounding another with one shell which landed direct on their cookhouse. The dead were Ptes. J Seagrief, J Hammond, A Latter and A E Lewington"

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