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1st Bn. Irish Guards/4th(Queens Own)Hussars

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I am looking for information regarding Pte. Thomas McDonagh who died on 8th Sept 1914 while serving with the 1st Bn. Irish Guards and also Pte. W Nangle who died on the 9th Feb 1916 while serving with the 4th Hussars. Can anybody tell me any thing regarding these two units and where the were on the days in question.

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1st Bn Irish Guards:

8th Sept 1914 the 1st Bn was at Rebais and crossed the Marne on the 9th Sept at Charly.

3156 Pte Thomas McDonagh is shown in the 'Roll of Honour' as 'Died of Wounds' 8/9/14.

On the 6th Sept the bn was at Rozoy and sent out a recce platoon in the direction of Villeneuve, which came under fire from a battery at Le Plessis - killing 4 men and wounding 11.

Previous to the above action the bn had been in action at Villers-Cotterets on the 1st Sept.

Pte McDonagh could have been wounded in one of the above actions.

The above details were taken from 'The Irish Guards in the Great War' by Rudyard Kipling. (1st Bn)

Hope this is of help,


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1st Bn Irish Guards - September 1914

Moved into Villers Cotterets Forest (1st) and engaged advancing enemy. Rudyard Kipling in his war history of the Irish Guards, records that the fighting in the woods was "blind." The enemy coming from all sides. He also notes how Lt.-Col. Morris rode along the Bn's front "controlling, cheering and chaffing his men." Fell back in afternoon to position 1 mile north of Pisseleaux. Lt.-Col. Morris, Major Crichton and Capt. Tisdall had been killed. Two other officers were wounded, and 4 wounded and taken prisoner. Moved later to Betz. To Esbly (2nd), via Meaux to Pierre-Levee area (3rd). Dug in near Grand Lodge Farm on the Pierre-Levee-Giremoutiers road (4th). Relieved during evening and to Le Bertrand. To Fontenay (5th). Began advance to the Aisne, marching via Rozoy to Touquin (6th). Went forward via St. Simeon (7th) and bivouacked about 2 miles from Rebais. Advanced through Rebais (8th), crossing the Petit Morin and into Boitron. Engaged enemy in woods then to Ferme le cas Rouge. Crossed the Marne at Charly (9th) and advanced via Trenel, Villiers-sur-Marne, Cointicourt, Oulchy-le-Chateau and Courcelles to St. Mard. Crossed the Aisne at Pont d' Arcy (14th) and then to Soupir. Took part in attack on Cour de Soupir Fram. Captains Berners, Lord Guernsey and Lord Arthur May killed. Dug in around Soupir (15th) and held line under shell and sniper fire. Relieved by 3rd Coldstream (19th) and to billets at Soupir. Relieved by 3rd Coldstream (23rd). Carried out further tours in front line, relieved each time by 3rd Coldstream and resting at Soupir.

Taken from: British Regiments in France & Belgium 1914 by Roy Westlake


1st Battalion

4/8/14 Wellington Barracks: 4th (Guards) Brigade, 2nd Division

13/8/14 landed at Harve

20/8/15 to 1st Guards Brigade, Guards Division

11/11/18 1st Guards Brigade, Guards Division France; Assevent, N.E. of Maubeuge

Taken from: British Regiments 1914-18 by Brig. E.A. James, OBE, TD.


4/8/14 Curragh: 3rd Cavalry Brigade

August 1914 to France in 3rd Cavalry Brigade the Cavalry Division

6/9/14 3rd Cavalry Brigade to Gough's Command

13/9/14 Gough's Command became the 2nd Cavalry Division. No further change

Taken from: British Regiments 1914-18 by Brig. E.A. James, OBE, TD.

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KFNjb3JlJmc9MTY4NzMmej0xMSZ4PTMxMjU3MCZ5PTIzNDM3MCZiPUZhbHNl/URL] The address of the house given on CWGC is still there if it comes out there should be an overhead photo red mark is the houses it is down near the Pheonix Park

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