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The Crisis of the Naval War.1917-1919


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An interesting account of the last two years of the naval war,by the one person most apt to talk about it. Some of the subjects are: Admiralty Organization:the Changes in 1917, Anti-Submarine Campaign in the early part of 1917, The convoy system at Work,Patrol Crafts and Minesweeping Services, etc,etc. Missing some charts and no illustrations but still makes for a good read about naval warfare at the time.

Go to HTML 514KB and then click on main site.



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This was a seminal work leading to the introduction of the convoy system. If the convoy system did not win the war, to paraphrase John Winton, it prevented the allies from losing it.

The work also marked a watershed in A/S warfare, leading to the development of depth-charges and mines that actually worked ! British submarines previously occupied with maintaining the blockade were deflected to A/S work.

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