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Meaning of notation "l. verw."?


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Hi everyone,

Can someone tell me what "l. verw." stands for? My grandfather was in the Imperial German Artillery (43rd FAR) and was wounded in Vilosnes by poison gas on October 17, 1916. His full line listing is as follows:

Stern, Emanuel Kr.Frw. l. verw. 17.10.16 b. Vilosnes

I have figured everything out except that abbreviation.



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'leicht verwundet' = lightly wounded

Stern, Emmanuel, Kriegs-Freiwilliger, leicht verwundet 17.10.16 bei Vilosnes


Hi Mick,

Wow, that was fast. Thanks for the translation. It also corrolates with what I knew of his wounding. Does this term have any specific meaning besides the obvious? When would someone get this designation as opposed to some other designation?

Many thanks.


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