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Cassidy MC

Guest Hill 60

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I have been asked by a work colleague of my partner if I could help them with a 'little' bit of research, and I am hoping someone (ANYONE!) could help me.

This persons grandfather was in the RAMC in WWI and was awarded the MC and his surname was Cassidy, unfortunatly this is all they know!!

Does anyone have a record of MC's awarded to RAMC personnel they could look through to see if they can find this Cassidy man?

Family trouble means that my partner's friend can't get hold of the medals to check the number and rank etc. With regards to his first name, my partner's friend always called him 'Pop' and has never known his real name, his family won't tell him either!! I think the old adage 'you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family' applies here!!!

Any help on this one would be gratefully recieved, by the family member and I.

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Jacky Platteeuw


Maybe this could be of some help:

Army list August 1914:

Cassidy C., M.B. captain RAMC

Was attached to the Egyptian Army as Captain RAMC.

Honour and Awards:

Major Cassidy C. was awarded the MC

but as you certainly know when researching WWI things are never simple. In the same book there is also mentioned a certain:

Cassidy D.S. late RAMC who was also awarded the MC.

The London Gazette gives 115 entries for the name Cassidy so I leave you the honour:-)


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Jacky - :D Many thanks for the information, I'll pass it on to the family today.

I can only hope that someone in their family will have the grace to let this person at least know the first name of their grandfather if not give them the all information they want to know.

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Guest Kieron Hoyle

These are the details from Drew Medical Officers of the British Army:

Cassidy, Colin

b. 22 May 1882 at Lancaster

MRCS (Eng) LRCP (London 1907) (Cambridge & St Georges Hospitals)

Lieut 22 Jan 1907 - seconded 31 Dec 1907 to Guys Hospital

Capt 28 Jul 1910

Major Jan 1919

Retired Pay Dec 1923

Ceased Reserve of Officers 30 March 1926

Rejoined 2 October 1939

A/Lt-Col 16 October 1944

T/Lt-Col 16 Jan 1945

Reverted to Retired Pay 26 March 1947

Seconded Egyptian Army 1909-1919: Gallipoli 1915-16: EEF 1916-18.

Assistant Adj-Gen HQ Egyptian Army 1917-

MC awarded 1 Jan 1917

MID 28 Jan 1916, 25 Oct 1916, 5 June 1919

Medal & 2 clasps Sudan 1910

1914-15 star, BWM & Vic

Defence & War Medal

Order of the Nile 4th Cl 8 Apr 1919

Imperial Ottoman Order of Medjidieh 4 Cl 21 Apr 1914

Hope that helps!

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Kieron - Many thanks for the extra information :D

I've gone through the London Gazette and found a small amount of info on this Cassidy, so your research does more than help a little!

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