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Hello Gentlemen,

As a new member and a relatively new collector, I have an interest in both Helmet Plates and obviously the centres, I have only come across one centre with the felt backing to it, this is the E.Surrey and it has a black felt backing. I have spoken to a friend of mine, 7t2ndswinger, who is under the impression that Royal Regiments wore red backings but couldn't really tell me about the other British Regiments nor the Scottish Regiments.

Does anyone know, please, where such information could be found, a site, a book etc, I am under the impression and I am open to being corrected, that British Army H.P. centres have a fourth ( central ) hoop lug to secure the backing prior to fitting it to the Helmet Plate but I have also been told that Scottish Regiment H.P. centres only had three hoop lugs, they do not, apparently, have one in the centre, my K.O.S.B.'s centre bears this out, does this mean that they would not have had a backing ?

Help and advice needed please.



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Dave, post your question (copy and paste) at the following site and you will very quickly get an accurate answer:


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