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My grandfather was in the ASC and his no was T4/035545. I think he was down as horse transport. Can anyone tell me what the prefix T4 stands for? is it related to horse transport?


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Thanks Sarah.

Do you know where I can get more info on these, what they did and where they served etc. I have my grandfathers service records but they only say France and something I can't quite make out. It does also say 21 Res Park which I have found some info on The long long trail but I am interested in What he did and where he served if possible.


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Hi Jul,

I got this from "Army Service Corps" by Peter Young

ASC prefixes were as follows:

M/ = Mechanical Transport

R/ Remounts

S/ Supply

T/ Horse Transport

MS/ = Mechanical Tranport

The 4 = 4th Army

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Hi Jul.

This - I think Relates to: 21 Reserve Park (207 Company A.S.C.)

There is a public record office diary avalable under WO 95/141.

Hope that helps,


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Hi again,

207 Company were formed 17/12/1914 and served entirely on the western front - looks like GHQ - but as I mentioned their records are available July 1916 to March 1918.


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Reserve Parks were company-sized units (about 250 men), with horsed transport, who held extra stocks of food and other supplies to bridge any gaps in the normal channels for re-supplying the front.

They were originally Lines of Communication Units but were taken under direct GHQ control in about 1916. There was originally one such park for each division.

Incidentally, T4 would normally refer to Fourth New Army, not Fourth Army as under Gen Rawlinson.


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