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I am trying to research my great-grandfather who we believe was fighting for the Austro-Hunagrian army at the Salonika Front. We have been told that a neighbour (who is now dead) from his village many years ago visited a memorial in Salonika and saw my great-grandfathers name on the list of soldiers who died there.

Does anyone know where i can get information on the list of soldiers who fought and diead at the Salonika Front?

Your help would be very much appreciated..



Sydney Australia

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Hi Jon,

His name is Jakov Mihajlovic, born in what was then known as Bosanski Svinjar (now Srbac) in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Our family understands that he was appointed a village Knez (chief?) by the A-H authorities of the area, that is why we think he fought for them...



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Hello Milos, and welcome to the Forum!

Your best option is probably the Schwarzes Kreuz organisation in Austria at osk.at

Click on Grabnachforschung on the right to open a form where you can request information (if you need help with the German, drop me a PM).

I am not aware of any kuk-Austrian cemeteries or memorials in Northern Greece, though that's not to say there aren't any! There may be some still in FYROM, Kosovo, Bulgaria or Albania. I know there is a cemetery and memorial in Belgrade, so maybe an email to the Austrian Embassy there might help (website aussenministerium.at/belgrad).

All the old German WW1 and WW2 cemeteries in mainland Greece were concentrated at Dionyssios-Rapendoza outside Athens in the 1960s. Maybe something similar happened with Austro-Hungarian graves.


P.S. Consulate General of Austria in Thessaloniki - Phone: +30-2310-436-975, Fax: +30-2310-441-196

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