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Remembered Today:

WWI Tanks: Russia, S. Africa and Oldbury.


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During my quest for information on Ernest & Thomas Squires (See: http://1914-1918.invisionzone.com/forums/i...t&p=1020684 )

I came across these websites/ pdfs which, if not already known about, might be of interest.


A report on visits made in 2007 by Robert Scott as part of a Churchill Fellowship project (Winston Churchill Memorial trust) to view British WW1 tanks in Russia and a Whippet in South Africa:


A Pdf (appx 2.6MB) of a local History book for Oldbury which mentions: the Oldbury Carriage works and WW1 tank production; a tank being used in front of the town hall as a war memorial prior to the erection of a permanent Cenotaph; the issue of 7000 aluminium Peace medals to local school children and 100 bronze versions to teachers and local officials, which featured an image of the tank (Photo included)



this is the same site as the pdf of the history book above, and gives a nice picture of the tank production line at the Oldbury Carriage works (I've no idea as to whether this is a locally sourced image or one that is more widely available and already well known - apologies if the latter is the case)


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Yes I have an example of the aluminium Peace medal. Bought it on ebay a few months ago for a few pennies. Will post an image if your interested. The info in the local history book to which you have posted a link has brought it to life. Thanks very much.


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Will post an image if your interested.

If its not a lot of trouble to you, yes please Tanks; It would be interesting to see the detail.


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Hi NigelS,

Here are a couple of pictures of the medal. Best I can do and hope they are OK.

The first is the obverse and shows the heads of King George V and Queen Mary. This detail is inscribed on the edge near the rim

The second is the reverse and shows the tank in the centre. There is then the followin inscription:

Above the tank:



District Council"

Below the tank:





Then around the bottom near the rim:

"Councillor Robert Green JP Chairman"



Not sure what happened to the second picture so here it is




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