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French 92ème and 105ème regiments


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I`m gathering information for a graphic novel about Mort Homme and need some information on French 92ème and 105ème Régiments d'Infanterie de Ligne (infantry-regiments). When? were? Which units were they fighting against? Anything special? Verdun (left bank of Meuse) March-May 1916?

The 92nd was in Bois de Corbeaux(counterattack) & Cumieres 8-12.3. and Bois de Malancourt & Bois d'Avocourt (Chaulnes) 20-28.3. This is what I know...

And if there`s someone who can speak/read/translate French, I would be grateful for help. I have both regiments` historiques as .pdf-file, in French. Since my French isn`t so great, I would be interested if someone could help translating a few pages.

Thanks in advance!

Landsturm (Tuomas Koivurinne [actually not German, but Finnish])

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