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Looking for Descendants of Canadian soldiers

Guest JennyB

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Hello All,

I am writing from a documentary film company in Montreal, Quebec and we are putting together a documentary series about WW1. We are looking for descendants (grandsons, great grandsons, newphews, grand newphews, neices, cousins etc.) of Canadian WW1 soldiers and nurses to participate in this film, specifically for people around 15-30 years old.

Please read the attached description of the film for more information.

If you are a descendant of a Canadian soldier or nurse and are between the ages of 15-30 or have relatives who are, than I would love to hear from you!

I can be reached at j_enbauer@hotmail.com

Thanks for your time,



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Hi Jennifer,

My Great Uncle was an American citizen who served in the CEF. A documentary seems like a great idea but to be honest I'm a little put off by the 'Reality TV' aspect of this project. ;) as explained in your attachment.

Good luck,


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After reading the attachment, I think this has the potential to be really good or really awful. I guess it will depend on the selected "descendants." If they get a bunch who are genuinely interested, then it should be good. If they get some skateboarding slackers, then I despair.

I'm jealous I don't fit the age requirement. :(

If it is done in the style of the Klondike Trail re-enactment on History TV, then it should be good, IMHO. "Klondike: The Quest for Gold follows four men and one woman who retrace the historic route taken during the 1897 Klondike Gold Rush. Their amazing 10-week journey takes them along the infamous Chilkoot Trail and up the Yukon River to the gold fields near Dawson City. Our modern-day prospectors are set to complete this journey with only the clothes, tools and resources of the era and carrying 1360 kilograms of provisions, giving them a true sense of the challenges faced in 1897.

Perhaps Mordac's mole in the film industry can find out something about the Montreal production company . . . :ph34r:

Hope they have a jolly good budget, and not something from the CBC!

Peter in Vancouver


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For some reason I could not access the link given in the original post - is this going to be a Canadian version of 'The Trench'?

I'm only posting because I've got lots of relatives in Toronto, BC Edmonton etc.

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I could not access the link given in the original post


Not quite sure what link you are talking about; there wasn't one. Her email address was the only clue as to who is behind this.

Sounds like "The Trench," except more complicated . . .

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Sorry - I hit the download thing at the bottom!

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