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WW1 Officers' Tunic


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Hello, I am afraid I am more of a reader than a do'er!

Great site to learn from and be educated.

I am a small size collector of WW1 militaria and I now have the opportunit to purchase a pair of WW1 tunics that belonged to a Lieutenant (A Sharpe) in The Royal Warwickshire Regiment. They appear to be genuine, have only the Victory and War Medal ribbons present, rank bars on the sleeves and again, the clothing appears to be the right colour! As I have never seen a real WW1 tunic for an officer before, I wonder how I should be able to tell if it is genuine of a repro? Lastly, the asking price is in the several hundreds, which makes sense to me considering the rarity - or are they all over the place?




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From what can be seen in the photographs, they do appear to be genuine, and the price (if they are in good condition) sounds about right. As most tunics were private purchase, they can be found with quite a lot of variation in minor details, but cuff ranked tunics are difficult to reproduce - badly done lace and signs of removed shoulder rank on the epaulettes would be bad signs. Good signs include there being an extra, small, ticket pocket set into the waist under the right breast pocket, and a seperate section of material tailored at the waist were the belt would be worn (although some originals don't have this).

Here are a few originals that can be viewed online:






(pre-war type with the closed collar and cord epaulettes)

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