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Another unit initial that has got me stumped!

This is from a 1906 pattern identity disc and is P.O.I. (with the possibility, due to an "overstamp", that it could be P.C.I.).

I can't find a reference anywhere, so any ideas gratefully recieved.



PS. If it's of any help, the soldier's service number was 126220 (which strikes me as too long for a 1906 tag), or I 26220.

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Thanks Ian.

You know, it never crossed my mind to think "Naval". The number seems like it possibly could be a naval service number (especially if the first digit is indeed a letter "I"). Any ideas what the "I" prefix represents? ("India" maybe?). I'm not too well up on naval prefixes (I know the "location prefixes" such as "D" for Deal, "PLY" for Plymouth etc. and a couple of others such as "F" for RNAS) so, anyone care to hazard a guess at what "I" could represent?

Also, can anyone confirm for me that the RN actually was issued with the 1906 pattern (aluminium) identity disc?

Thanks again,


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