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Remembered Today:

Capt Eric S. Marshall RAMC MC


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Captain Eric Stewart Marshall. A very interesting chap I am researching. He was with Shackleton at the South Pole.

Eric served throughout the war with the RAMC, was mentioned in despatches, got an MC and the CBE. In common with most RAMC officers his service record is lost, so I am having to piece his story together. There are only taltalising fragments but I seem to have quite a bit of his story, with three exceptions, and seek any information that might help.

There are indications that he

1... was attached to a battalion of the Rifle Brigade at some point, presumably as MO - but which one and when?

2... was placed in command of a Convalescent Depot in late 1918 - but which one?

3... was with the Archangel force in North Russia - but in what capacity?

All ideas and references welcome.

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Hello Chris

You may well have this information, but if not:-

Eric Stewart Marshall, RAMC, T/Captain (acting Major)

Order of St Stanislaus, 2nd Class with Swords (Archangel).



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Well, I have found one piece of the jigsaw today. Marshall was DADMS, the senior medical officer in charge of Sanitation for the North Russia force at Archangel. The war diary is in his own handwriting and signed by him.

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