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Hi! Looking for the battle patch of 18th Bn, K.R.R.C that would have been worn in 1916 in Flers.

I found the two on the bottom from British Battle Insignia (1) : 1914-18 (Men-At-Arms, 182) M.Chappell (the latter I believe was used at least in 1917) and the division patch; British_41st_Division_insignia.png

Please, anyone?



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Thank you very much for the tip!

Good morning,

I am sorry to say that I have nothing for the 18th Bn., in the I-d pamphlets.

I should imagine that Mike Chappell got his information from the Military Heraldry Society, or the K.R.R.C. Regimental Museum.

V. Wheeler-Holohan's 'Divisional and Other Signs' states: The green square was the 122nd. Infantry Brigade, all these squares had the distinctive white diagonal, while each Infantry Battalion bore the number 1, 2, 3 or 4 painted on the Brigade sign. I notice that there is a letter 'C' on Cappell's illustration. John Player's 'Army, Corps and Divisional Signs' [Cigarette Cards 2nd Series 51-150] also states: Each Infantry Bn had it's number in the Brigade painted on the Brigade sign.

Sorry I cannot be of more help at the moment.



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