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Officer I.D Needed


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Hi guys,

I got this lovely picture of four First World War Officers yesterday and on the back are written the names. I am having trouble decifering them (one name looks like Dalkeith to me) . Also uniforms and capbadges. I would appreciate some help. Also is the Building French?




Many thanks, Donnie

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DALKEITH and ALPERTON are possibly U.K. place-names in Scotland and a London suburb. I did not find any Gazette entries for those surnames 1914-1921.


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Many thanks to all who have replied.

I think that Alperton, Wembley sounds good. Also Dalkieth, i thik that maybe it is the place but cannot rule out the Grenadier Guardsman. The photo is titled "For Ourselves". Any ideas on the name?


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Picture tidied up a little.

Nice one Donnie.



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The medal cards posted by Lorac are to Walter John Montagu-Douglas-Scott, Earl of Dalkieth (1894-1973). He became 8th Duke of Baccleuch and Queensberry after the death of his father on 19 October 1935, as noted on the bottom-left card "Col. Earl of Dalkieth succeeded to title 19/10/35".

On searching this man in the LG and the Times archives I have not found him connected to the Grenadier Guards but to the 4th K.O.S.B. as commander of that unit and later as Honorary Colonel in 1939.

As an aside, searching an archive on the Montagu-Douglas-Scott family is a bit of a chore due to the sheer numbers of them involved in the military and politics and inconsistent application of their forenames in various publications.

Perhaps someone with Army Lists or unit histories in their possession could clear up the Grenadier Guards / 4th K.O.S.B. connections?

An afterthought regarding the photos above...... Grenadier Guards or K.O.S.B. on horses?

Cheers, Ken

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