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who is your favourite ww1 author


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Who is your favourite ww1 author and why?

I think mine has got to be Lyn MacDonald because she manages to inform,and entertain.All her books show genuine warmth and affection for the people she writes about.

More than any other author,i find myself re-reading her books,and often just pick up 'They called it Passchendaele' and open it at a page and read.

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C T Atkinson and Everard Wyrrall for their various regimental (etc) histories; Frederic Manning for the best history-as-novel; Hanway Cumming for A Brigadier in France; Jack Sheldon for his work on the other side of the hill; Sidney Rogerson, because I could read Twelve Days on the Somme again and again; and finally Lt Col J H Lindsay for writing the history of the best regiment on the Western Front!

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Must agree with Lyn Macdonald. I've read 1914 a dozen times. Her attention to the tiny human details of the soldier's life is what I find so enjoyable. No big picture or politics here! Just inspiring stories of ordinary people coping with extrordinary times. Cheers, Bill

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