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French Navy - Order of Battle - Malta 1914


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Hello everyone,

I am interested to know which ships of the French Navy were deployed to Malta in August 1914, as part of France's responsibility to patrol the Mediterranean. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction to find this information?

I am particularly interested in the base ship (the 'Tourville') that was positioned at Malta during the conflict (at least up to 1917). Again, can anyone point me to any information that indicates its period of service in Malta? - did it arrive around 13 August 1914 with the rest of the task force from Toulon, or at some later date?

Many Thanks,


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TOURVILLE ex-GIRONDE renamed 1909; gunnery school 1909-1914; depot ship for submarines based on Malta 1915-16; depot ship at Corfu 1917-18; renamed RHIN 1924. (French Warships of WW1 Jean Labayle Couhat)

Regards John

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According to "French Warships of World War I" by Jean Labayle Couhat (Ian Allan, 1974) from 12th August, 1914 "a striking force numbering 12, and by the end of the month 14, battleships, 6 armoured cruisers, 30 destroyers and several submarines, based on Malta, patrolled the Adriatic to prevent an attack by the Austrian fleet." (p. 8) I am assuming this is the "Armée Navale", but my primary area of the interest is the Royal Navy, so I don't really know.


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