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Alfred Edward Woodley Mason

Terry Carter

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How many times have you seen the film 'The Four Feathers'.... Did you know the author of the novel which was published in 1902 was Alfred Edward Woodley Mason who became a Captain in the 21st Manchesters then a Major in the Royal Marine Artillery. Another titbit gleaned from the Birmingham Gazette published on 29 January 1915.


(as you can guess, I have a lot of time on my hands today !!) :lol:

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The undermentioned to be tempy. Maj., and

graded as Gen. Staff Offr., 2nd Gde.:—

Alfred Edward Woodley Mason (from

tempy. Maj., Army). 9th Oct. 1917.



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As an aside, R C Sherrif wrote the screen play for The Four Feathers (along with some 50 or so other scripts, including that for The Dam Busters). During the writing of The Four Feathers he interviewed tha author, then and old man, and was surprised to learn that the author could re,member very little of the book. The original film (Korda I think) scenes of the battle have been reused in at least one of the many remakes.

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I've seen five versions. None of the last four was as good as its immediate predecessor, and the last two were very poor. (The last one featured that BT ad chappie as one of the captured British officers. We discussed it, probably in the old "Off topic" section, when it was screened on TV; few of us were impressed.) See


for details, and don't forget that one version was called "Storm over the Nile".


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