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Guest Eric Smith

Can any one help please??

My Grandfather started his short Army Career in the Notts and Derby Rregiment, but was rebadged into the Green Howards in 1915/6. I want to find out what devisions he was part of. All I have is his service number, regiments and the fact that he was a sniper.

He had to leave the service due to his wounds, so I have his round Services Rendered badge and medals, but thats all I have.

I requested help from the Green Howards, they said he never existed!! I dont know where to look to find information. Before you say the Burnt Records - my grandfather was Private John (Jack) Smith - any ideas please!

Eric Smith

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You need to visit the PRO and dig out his medal index card (MIC). Although there will be lots of J Smiths, this will be easy to find because you've got his service number on his medals. This will give you a reference to his medal rolls (also at the PRO) where you will most likely find which Battalion/s he served in. The MIC will also have a reference to his Silver War Badge roll where you will probably find his date of enlistement and discharge and maybe the reason. You can then return to this site and find out where each Battalion was serving.

Note, there are lots of 'probables' and 'most likelies'


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